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Dictionary Of Angels - List Of All Angel Names And Their Meanings - Page 12


Sam Hii (Shom Hii)

One of the ruling angels of the North Star. The name means "Creation of life."


This angel holds dominion over imagination and helps us realize that a vivid imagination is a very healing tool to have, because we can visualize and create alternative realities with which to trans- form our own lives as well as the world around us.


Chief of the angels of the air and ruling angel of the day Tuesday.


An angel of the 12th hour of the day.

Sandalphon (Co-Brother) (Power)

Originally the Phophet Elias. He is a Sarim, (angelic prince), angel of power and glory, twin brother of Metatron. Master of heavenly song. He is regarded as the tallest hierarchs in the celestial realm. Moses called him "the tall angel". Along with Archangel Michael, he carries on a ceaseless battle with the prince of darkness. He is the fancier of sandals. Also he is instrumental in bringing about the differentiation of sexes in the embryo, a good thing to bring to the attention of expectant mothers. He oversees the many powers given to the Seraphim including strength, abundance, beauty and joy of living.


An angel who guard the portals of Heaven.


Hebrew: Ardent, like the angel who protects God's throne in.


An angel of the third altitude.


One of the 5 heavenly scribes appointed by God to transcribe the 204 books dictated by Ezra. The other 4 scribes are Dabria, Seleucia, Ethan (or Ecus) and Asiel.


Chief Celestial Angel Princess.


An angel of the of the third hour of the night.


An angel invoked in the rites of exorcism.


An angelic guard of the third heaven.


Angel of the sun's rays.


An angel who governs the sign of Virgo.


An angel to be invoked for obtaining a good memory and an open heart.




An angel who governs or controls the earth's vegetation.


A spirit who is in charge of the books wherein are recorded the good and evil actions of man.


They are guardian spirits, invoked in the exorcism of evil spirits.


An angel who provides protection against sickness and fire. He also governs longevity.


A female angel who is the angel of part of an hour. She will appear when properly invoked. She dwells in Egypt.


One of the two guardian angels over the Virgin Mary and St. John the Divine.


Spanish: Seraph, angel.


A "strong and powerful angel" who is invoked on Saturday.


Mother Sereda has dominion over Wednesday. She is the one who "washes away all the colors in the world". She is the sister of Pandelis.


One of seven archons.


One of the great celestial powers dwelling in the sixth heaven.


Angel of daylight.


Angel of silence.


Angel of the sun's rays.

Shekinah (Liberating Angel)

A female angel of liberation and freedom. Always close to humankind, Shekinah inspires mortals to be just and fair. Some believe that she is the female part of creation, the feminine aspect of the Creator. She is especially healing of body, mind and spirit. Who delivers the world in all ages. She is very close to mankind and is never separated from the just.


The great archon, mediator between the prayers of Israel and the princes of the 7th heaven.


One of three ministering angels whom God appointed to serve Adam. Some of their tasks were to roast his meat and cool his wine.


An angel governing the sign of Sagittarius.


An angelic bookeeper appointed over the records of souls, living and dead.

Sopheriel Mehayye and Sopheriel Memeth

Two of the supreme angels of the Merkabah (of which there are 8); keepers of the books of life and death.

Soqed Hozi (Partnership)

The keeper of divine balances, holding the balance of feeling and truth in our lives through our partners. One of the 8 supreme angels of the Merkabah, appointed by God to the Sword.


A celestial power invoked to combat Mardero, demon of disease.


A world supporting angel. He supports the heavens on his back. He has six faces and mouths and "glitters with light". He is also called the monument of splendor.


An angel invoked in the exorcism of ink.


An angelic host whom is said to have the power to cause stars to fall from the heavens.


An angel with dominion over earthquakes.


Like Metatron, Suriel is a prince of presence and like Raphael, an angel of healing. He is also a benevolent angel of death, (one of a few). Suriel was sent to retrieve the soul of Moses. It is said that Moses received all his knowledge from Suriel, (although Zazagel is credited also with giving Moses his knowledge). He is one of the great Archangels. He is one of seven angels in the system of primordial powers. When invoked, he may appear as an ox. In Cabala he is one of the seven angels that rule the earth.


An angel invoked in Syriac invocation charms. As a "spellbinding" power, Susniel is grouped with Michael, Azriel, Shamshiel and other angels.


A spirit of fascination and one of the genii of the fifth hour.


An angel of the sixth hour who presides over free will, self-determination, choice and alternatives. When you feel stuck in any situation, pray to this illumined one for the ability to see creative alternatives.


An angel of purity who is prayed to by those who need to cleanse their thoughts, spirits or surroundings.

Talia (tah-lee-uh)

Hebrew: Heaven's dew, name of angel.


Angel of water. Talihad's name is found inscribed on the seventh pentacle of the sun.


One of the ten angels that accompany the sun on it's daily course.


One of the three angels of summer. Tariel figures in Syrian incantation charms. He is invoked along with other spellbinding angels in the "binding of the tongue of the ruler".


The angel of time. Stands between Earth and Heaven, clothed in white robe with wings of flame and a golden halo around his head. One foot on land the other, in the sea, behind him the sun rises and on his brow is the sign of eternity and life: the circle.


One of the 10 angels that accompany the sun on it's daily course.


In Cabala, an angel that can fortell the future. He is a throne angel and controls maritime expeditions and commercial ventures.


An angel with the sign of the sun on his forehead, on his breast the square & triangle of septenary. Pouring from one chalice into two essences which compose the elixir of life.

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