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Dictionary Of Angels - List Of All Angel Names And Their Meanings - Page 9


A Friday angel invoked from the west and serving in the third heaven.


Rhodesian: Spirit Protector


Karoz are "reporter angels.


An angelic Prince of the sword and guard of the sixth heaven. Katfiel's sword emits lightening!


One of the 64 angel wardens of the seven celestial halls.


The name of the angel found inscribed on the third pentacle of the planet Mercury.


An angel invoked in connection with using divining rods.


One of the 28 angels governing the 28 mansions of the moon.


The spirit of success. He serves in the second hour of the day.


An angel who exercises dominion over the planet Mars.


One of the "glorious and benovolent angels" invoked in Solomonic conjuring rites for imparting to the invocant some of the wisdon of the Creator.


An angel invoked in the exorcism of fire.


An angel of the zodiac exercising dominion over love, art, science and fortune. We appeal to this being of light for good luck and good fortune.


One of the angelic rulers of the night!


Angel of the seal.

Little Lao

One of the many names given to Metatron.


This angel presides over vanguard ideas and inventions. He is es- epecially protective of mortals who have original ideas and thoughts, and is also very encouraging of individuality and uniqueness.


The oldest angel.


An angel invoked in connection with the use of diving rods.




An angel called up in Solomonic conjuring rites to render the invocant invisible.


An angel the exercises dominion over the planet Mercury.


An angel stationed at the fourth heavenly hall.


A ruling Archangel of the water. He is also one of the inteligences of the planet Saturn and is a Monday angel of the first Heaven. He may be invoked from the North.

Mahariel (Swift)

An angel of Paradise stationed at the first portal. He provides new souls for the purified ones.


A spirit who bestows sight.


An angel with dominion over the planet Saturn.


An angel with dominion over trees.

Malaika (mah-lah-ee-kah)

Kiswahili: Angel.


A Friday angel resident in the third heaven and invoked from the West. He is also one of the intelligence's of the planet Jupiter. Maltiel is the preceptor angel of Elijah and serves as one of the numerous guards of the West wind.


Angel of aquatic animals.


Angel of fate.


An angel of the 5th hour of the day.


Is a genius of delusive appearances. He is one of the spirits of the tenth hour.


An angel who exercises dominion over morality and religion. He also helps those desiring offspring.


An angel who protects university professors, orators and authors.


Turkish: Angel.


One of nine angels that run together throughout heavenly and earthly places.


Angelic ruler of March.

Memuneh (Appointed one)

A deputy angel, a dispensr of dreams. It is said through the Memuneh, the Universe operates.


The angel of progress.


A chief officer-angel of the night.


An angel invoked in magical operations in connection with the invoaction of water and hyssop. The invocant is advised to resite the versicles of the Psalms 6, 67, 64 and 102.


Chancellor of heaven, prince of the ministering angels. He is charged with the sustenance of mankind. He has been known as the link between the human and the divine. The angel who wrestled with Jacob. (Genesis 32), As the watchman (Isaiah 20) Also see Exodus 23:20 for this refers to Metratron as well. Metatron, according to the cabala is the angel said to have lead the children of Israel through the wilderness. His female equivalent is Shekinah. His twin brother is Sandalphon.

After arriving in heaven he was transformed into a spirit of fire and equipped with 36 pairs of wings as well as innumerable eyes. He resides in the 7th heaven and when evoked appears as a pillar of fire said to be more dazzling than the sun. He has many other names that he is called by. He has also been credited with the authorship of Psalms 37:25. He is the supreme angel of death to whom God gives daily orders as to the souls to be taken. He then delegates these orders to his subordinates, Gabriel and Sammael. Metatron is considered by some to be mightier than Michael or Gabriel. Metatron is the teacher of prematurely dead children in Paradise.

Micah (Divine Plan)

Watches over spiritual evolution, seeking every opportunity to reveal the next steps of your life purpose.


Chief angel, deliverer of the faithful, tutelary prince of Israel. An angel who grants miracles, fosters mercy, repentance, truth, sanctification, blessing, immortality, patience and love to human-kind. This archangel is protective of those who are just and good. Angel of insomnia. He strengthens our spirits in difficult times. Pray to Michael for these gifts and virtues. Essene prayer: "Michael, Angel of Earth, enter my generative organs and regenerate my whole body."


A chief and Captain in the celestial army. An angel of the order of warriors.


An angel presiding over the month of September and the 16th day of the month. Mihr watches over friendship and love.


A great angel whose chief virtue is that he can, when invoked, induce love in an otherwise cold and reluctant maiden. For best results he must be invoked while the invocant is facing south.


He rises from paradise in the great East, has 1,000.00 ears and 10,000.00 eyes.He is also called the god of light and in heaven assigns places to the souls of the just.


An angel invoked in Arabic incantation rites.


The genius of eagles. And he serves the seventh hour of the day.


In Muslim religion Moakkibat is the recording angel. He writes down men's activities.


One of the spirits of the planet Mars.


An Angel of awe or fear. He rules over August and September. He has the power of making everything invisible.


Angel of death, according to Persian point of view.

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