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Pagan Food In Wicca - Page 11 - Foods, Kitchen Tools and Their Magical Associations

BLENDER : Mingling with others, Stirring up energy

COOKBOOK : Book of Shadows, Excellence, Virtue

COOKIE TIN : Sweet things in life, Pleasure

CRISPER : Invigoration and Restoration

CUPBOARDS : Savings, Supplies, Providence

DISH TOWEL : Stricture, Determined precision

DISHWASHER : Leisure, The Water Element, Convenience

DRAIN : Troubles, Burdens, Bad habits

DRAWERS : Hidden matters, Material goods

FOOD WRAP : Prudence, Conservation, Control, Secrets

FORK : Piercing, Penetrating, Perception

FUNNEL : Flow, Unhindered order, Coaxing energy along

KNIFE : Cutting away, Sharpness of mind, Separation

MEASURING CUP : Evaluation, Allotment, Caution

MICROWAVE : Acceleration, Legal expedition

OVEN :Passion, Fertility, Fire Element

OVEN BURNERS : The Four Directons/Elements

OVEN FAN : The Air Element, Movement, Clearing vision

PITCHER : Abundance, Invigoration, Refreshment

REFRIGERATOR : Cooling temper, Preservation, Protection

ROLLING PIN : Discipline, Moderation, Control

SIFTER : Sorting out confusion, Organization, Filtering negativity

SPATULA : Sensibility, Recycling, Changing directions

STEAMER : Slow processes, Even temperament

TEA KETTLE : Divination, Alertness, Kinship, Health

THERMOMETER : Observations Skills, Analysis

WHISK : Excitement, Increasing bounty

WINDOW : Winds of change, Refreshment, Vital energy



Fruits, Vegetables and Greens

Alfalfa sprouts : Providence, Sustenance

Apple : Peace, Love, Health, Earth magic

Apricot : Romance

Artichoke : Growth, Safety

Banana : Heroic energy, Male sexuality

Beets : Passion, Love, Beauty

Blueberry : Peace, Calm

Broccoli : Strength, Leadership, Physical improvements

Brussel sprouts : Endurance, Tenacity, Stability

Carrot : Vision, Masculine energies

Cauliflower : Lunar/water-related magic

Celery : Passion, Grounding, peace

Cherry : Love, Female sexuality

Coconut : Diversity, Flexibility, Spirituality

Corn : Life of the land, Cycles, Eternity

Cranberry : Energy for security and protection

Dandelion : Divination, Foresight, Oracles

Date : Resurrection, Eternity, Spirit

Garlic : Hex breaking, Banishing, Protection

Grape : Dreams, Vision, Fertility

Grapefruit : Purification, Health

Guava : Romance, Fantasy, Relieving sorrow

Horseradish : Protection, Fiery energy

Lemon : Longevity, Purification, Marriage, Joy, Faithfulness

Lettuce : Financial magic, Peace, Relaxation

Lime : Cleansing

Olive : Peace, Spiritual pursuits

Onion : Protection

Orange : Health, Fidelity, Love

Passion Fruit : Promoting kinship and love

Pear : Longevity, Luck

Peas : Goddess Magic, Love

Peppers, green : Growth, Prosperity

Peppers, red : Energy, Vitality, Strength

Peppers, yellow : Empowered creativity

Pineapple : Healing, Protection, Prosperity

Pomegranate : Fruitfulness, Hospitality, Wishes

Potato : Folk medicine, Health, Grounding, Earth magic

Quince : Happiness

Raspberry : Vigor, Stamina, Love

Strawberry : Zest, Intensity, Romance

Sweet Potato : Well founded, gentle love

Tomato : Attracting love

Herbs and Spices

Allspice : Luck, Health

Bay : Psychic powers, Strength and health

Caraway : Protection from theft and negativity, Trust

Cardamon : Increase the strength of unions/partnerships

Catnip : Rest, Joy, Cat magic

Chives : Protection, Breaking bad habits

Clove : Stolen kisses, Fun love, Protection, Piercing illusions

Coriander : Love, Well-being, Intelligence

Dill : Protecting children

Ginger : Health, Cleansing, Vibrant energy, Zeal

Lavender : Spiritual vision, Acknowledgement, Comfort

Parsley : Luck, Protection from accidents

Pepper, Black : Cleansing, Purification, Protection, Banishing

Saffron : Bounty, Leadership, Prosperity

Salt : Cleansing, Purification, Grounding


Grains, Nuts and Legumes

Barley : Love, Controlling pain of any nature

Beans : Divination, Prosperity, Decision-making

Hazelnut : Wisdom, Fertility

Oats : Life of the land, Prosperity, Sustenance

Peanut : Earth magic, Male energy

Rice : Abundant blessings, Fertility

Walnut : Mental faculties


Edible Flowers

Carnation : Pride, Beauty

Chrysanthemum : Longevity, Ease, Vigor

Clover : Triple god and or goddess

Cowslip : Faerie magic, Grace

Daisy : Innocence, Fidelity, Dawn, New beginnings

Elder flower : Protection from Fey, Blessing, Wishes

Hyacinth : Reliability, Constancy

Lilac : Love, Youth, Joy, Fastidiousness

Marigold : Cares, Burdens, Change, Luck in love

Orange flower : Purity, Faithfulness, Fruitfulness

Pansy : Glee, Fancy, Fondness, Fairy folk

Rose : Love, Faithfulness, Friendship

Tulip : Declaration of love

Violet : Grace, Modesty, Excellence, Expression


Miscellaneous Food Items

Baking soda/powder : Raising energy or expectations

Beef : Prosperity, Grounding

Bread : Kinship, Sustenance

Butter : Tenacity, Smoothing relationships

Cake : Celebration, Joyous occasions, Hospitality

Cheese : Joy, Health, Things coming to fruition, Reinforcement of personal or spiritual groundwork

Chicken : Health, Well-being, Sunrise magic

Chocolate : Lifting emotions, Love

Clams : Increase sexual desires, Secrets revealed

Coffee : Energy, Alertness, Mental awareness

Cookies : Maternal instincts, Nurturing love

Corn syrup : Solidifying plans or ideas

Deer : Elegance, Grace, Refinement

Eggs : Fertility, Mysticism, Ancient questions

Fish : Strengthen psychic awareness, expand ability to give and receive love

Flour : Revealing hidden matters, Consistency

Gravy : Smooth transitions, Consistency, Uniformity

Ham : Theatrical flair, Dramatic energy

Hazel : Wishes, Good fortune

Jelly : Joy, Energy, Pleasantness

Juice : Rejuvenation, Vitality, Energy

Lamb : Sensitivity, Kindness, Warmth

Lobster : Reincarnation, Rebirth, Growth

Milk : Goddess energy, Maternal instinct, Nurturing

Mustard : Faith, Mental alertness

Popcorn : Lifting burdens, Recreational activities

Pork : Fertility, Profuseness

Relish : Protection (dill), Enhanced passion (sweet)

Sausage : Zest, Variety, God magic

Soup : Steady change and improved communication

Syrup : Tree magic, Amiable meetings

Tea : Divination, Insight, Meditation, Restfulness

Turkey : Colorful displays, Holiday feasts, Family gatherings

Waffles : Gathering or reserving amiable feelings, Accommodation

Wine : Celebration, Joy, Honoring positive actions

Yogurt : Health, Spirituality, Goddess magic


Associations of Foods and Holidays

To Help in Your Choice of Menu

Imbolc - February 2

From the myths, the idea is to help the Sun on its journey, banishing winter
Prepare yellow and orange foods such as carrots and squash to symbolize the Sun, and anything hot and spicy


Ostara - Also known as the Spring Equinox - About March 21

Marks the astronomical start of spring.
Food for joy, life, harmony and productivity
Egg dishes are excellent, as are sprouts, seeds of any kind, green leafy vegetables. Flower dishes using rose, mustard, squash, nasturtium, or carnation flowers are welcome.


Beltane - May 1

This is a holiday of love, fertility, weaving of masculine and feminine energy. It is the high point of spring.
Oat bread and cookies, spring wines, and egg dishes are appropriate. Ice cream yogurt, cheese are also welcome additions to the menu.


Summer Solstice - About June 22

Celebrate an ancient time of magic. Great fires were lit on hilltops in honor of the Sun's strength.
This holiday is dedicated to fire festivals, love, beauty, passion, and energy.
Put some spicy main dishes on the menu, and fresh fruit desserts, or any dish with fruit as a major ingredient.


Lammas - Also know as Lughnasadh - August 1

Celebrate the first harvest with a grand variety of foods.
Any homemade bread, all berries, crab apples, and grains, garden vegetables are appropriate.


Mabon - Also known as the Fall Equinox - About September 21

This holiday marks the second harvest, and preparation for winter.
Put corn squash, and wheat bread on the menu along with other grains, especially corn. Any corn recipe is acceptable. Beans and squash are also good additions to the menu.


Samhain - October 31

Ancient Celtic festival known here as Halloween, a degraded version. This holiday marks the end of the year.
Psychic abilities are best honed with, bay, celery, fish, fresh fruit, Root crops such as turnips, carrots, potatoes, beets, apples in all forms and cider, grains, nuts, mulled wines, pumpkins, and roasted pumpkin seeds may be eaten.
Pomegranates are associated with Samhaim due to their connection with the under world in classical mythology. Eat them raw or use in recipes.


Yule - Also known as the Winter Solstice - December 21

Longest night of the year, the waning of winter. After the Winter Solstice the hours of light increase. Yule is associated with the returning of the Sun.
Encourage the return of the Sun with gingerbread, the modern version of ancient cakes made of grain and honey. These were offered as sacrifices to the goddesses and gods at Yule. These cakes were buried with the dead to ensure the passage of their souls into the other world.
Apples hung on Yule trees symbolize the continuing fertility of the earth. Any apple dish is welcomed on this holiday.
When ginger was introduced into Europe from Asia, it was incorporated into the ritual Yule cake. This was the origin of gingerbread.
Cookies are standard on this holiday.



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