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Aromatherapy Magic - Page 6 - Essential Oils For Mind And Body Well-being


Floral Air Freshener:

20 d. rose * 10 d. orange * 10 d. clove: in 4 oz of water

Guilt Reliever:

8 d. sandalwood oil * 8 d. neroli oil * 4 d. geranium oil: in 20 ml. of carrier oil. Use as a massage, paying special attention to the temples.

Insect Reppellant:

10 d. jojoba oil * 10 d. granium oil * 5 d. cedarwood oil * 5 d. sweet bay oil * 5 d. lime oil * 5 d. pine oil: in 2 oz. of vodka. Sprinkle around outside where insects are the most annoying.

Memory Lapses:

If you find yourself the victim of frequent problems with your memory, use rosemary to counteract the problem. It works as a room spray, as an inhalant, or on a cold compress applied to the forehead and temples.

Mint Air Freshener:

5 d. peppermint oil * 5 d. spearmint oil * 2 d. peru balsam oil: in 4 oz. of water.

Pet's Calming Mist:

5 d. lavender oil * 5 d. chamomile oil * 2 d. mandarin oil: in 4 oz. of water.

Scent For a Winter Fire:

4 d. ginger oil * 4 d. sandalwood oil * 4 d. orange oil. Sprinkle mixture onto logs 15 minutes before starting fire.

Working Spritz- Productive:

3 d. peppermint oil * 2 d. lemon oil * 2 d. juniper oil: in 1 oz of water.

Working Spritz- Focused:

3 d. basil oil * 3 d. rosemary oil * 2 d. lemon oil: in 1 oz of water.

Working Spritz- Stress Free:

4 d. geranium oil * 4 d. lavender oil: in 1 oz of water.

Working Spritz- Clear Thinking:

3 d. rosemary oil * 3 d. lemon oil * 3 d. basil oil: in 1 oz of water.

Below is a guide for what oils to use for various conditions. As we are different in our make up, this is reflected in finding an appropriate aromatherapy treatment that works for you. In otherwords, a blend that may work for your friend may not necessarily work for you. Dont be discouraged if this is the case. Instead, try adjusting the blend. You will find something that works for you. Its also worth nothing that this difference is more apparent between men and women.

This list is definately not the be all and end all of information on aromatherapy oils, but its certainly a good starting point. There are some 300 essential oils known to date and different aspects of their properties are being discovered every day. If you have something you would like to add to this list please email ask_a_witch@hotmail.com



Oil Benefits for General Well Being Benefits for the Body Benefits for the Skin Blends Well With these oils

Basil Endurance Arthritis Acne Bergamont
Stamina Backache Abrasions Clary Sage
Headache Muscular aches & pain Antiseptic Geranium
Migraine Cold hands/feet First aid Lavender
Relaxation Tired/aching limbs Minor burns Marjoram
Stress Digestive upsets Skin irritations Neroli
Tension Heartburn Stings Rosemary & Petitgrain
Sleep Sandalwood

Bergamot Endurance Digestive upsets Acne Chamomile
Stamina Heartburn Abrasions Cypress
Relaxation Premenstrual symptoms Antiseptic Eucalyptus and Cederwood
Stress Cramps and pain Fist aid Geranium
Tension Minor burns Jasmine
Convalescence Skin irritations Lavender
Hangover Stings Marjoram
Travel sickness Dandruff Neroli
Dermatitis Patchouli
Skin allergies Ylang Ylang
Hair and skin cleansing (oily)

Chamomile Headaches Arthritis Acne Bergamot
Migraine Backache Abrasions Geranium
Sleep Muscular aches and pain Antiseptic Jasmine
Digestive upsets Fist aid Lavender
Heartburn Minor burns Lemon
Diarrhoea Skin irritations Marjoram
Haemorrhoids Stings Neroli
Pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) Aged skin Patchouli
Cramps and pain Moisturising Rose
Dandruff Ylang Ylang
Skin allergies
Hair and skin cleansing (oily)

Clary Sage Endurance Arthritis Bergamot
Stamina Backache Cypress
Headaches Muscular aches and pain Frankincense
Migraine Cold hands/feet Geranium
Sleep Tired/aching limbs Grapefruit
Congestion Jasmine
Colds Juniper Berry
Coughs Lavender
Flu Lemon
Hayfever Orange
Digestion Sandalwood
Pre-menstrual symptoms
Cramps and pain

Cypress Arthritis Acne Bergamot
Backache Abrasions Clary Sage
Muscular aches and pain Antiseptic Juniper Berry
Congestion First aid Lavender
Colds Minor burns Lemon
Coughs Skin irritations Orange
Flu Stings Rosemary
Hayfever Sandruff Sandalwood
Haemorrhoids Deodorant
Pre-menstrual symptoms Dermatitis
Cramps and pain Skin allergies

Eucalyptus and Cedarwood Convalescence Arthritis Acne Bergamot
Hangover Backache Abrasions Cypress
Travel sickness Muscular aches and pain Cold hands/feet Antiseptic Frankincense
Headaches Tired/aching limbs Congestion First aid Jasmine
Migraine Colds Minor burns Juniper Berry
Coughs Skin irritations Lavender
Flu Stings Lemon
Hayfever Dandruff Neroli
Dermatitis Rose
Skin allergies Rosemary & Petitgrain
Sunburn Tea Tree & Lemongrass
Hair and skin cleansing (oily)
Cold sores

Frankincense Relaxation Bronchial irritations Acne Basil
Stress Congestion Abrasions Geranium
Tension Coughs Antiseptic Grapefruit
First aid Lavender
Minor burns Neroli
Skin irritations Orange
Stings Aged skin Patchouli
Moisturising Sandalwood
Skin allergies
Cold sores itchiness

Geranium Endurance Arthritis Acne Basil
Stamina Cold hands/feet Abrasions Bergamot
Relaxation Tired/aching limbs Antiseptic Clary Sage
Stress Pre-menstrual symptoms First aid Grapefruit
Tension Cramps and pain Minor burns Jasmine
Skin irritations Lavender
Stings Neroli
Aged skin Orange
Moisturising Rosemary & Petitgrain
Astringent Rose
Skin toning Sandalwood
Cold sores
Hair and skin cleansing (oily) Dermatitis
Skin allergies
Insect repellent

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