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Isis Healing Brew

1 part Rosemary 1 part Sage 1 part Thyme 1 part Cinnamon

Half fill a blue glass bottle with fresh water. Add the ground, empowered herbs to it and let this sit in the Sun all day. If by sunset the water has been colored by the herbs, it is ready for use. If not, store in the refrigerator overnight and steep in the Sun the following day. Strain. Anoint the body or add to bath water while visualizing yourself as being in perfect health.
Kernunnos Protection Brew
1 part Pine needles 1 part Caraway 1 part Bay
1 part Basil 1 part Anise

In a red glass bottle half-filled with water, steep the herbs in the Sun for a day. Strain and add to bath water, or anoint your body for personal protection. Also, anoint protective amulets and talismans.

Love Wine

3 tsp. Cinnamon 3 tsp. Ginger 1 one inch piece Vanilla bean
2 cups Red Wine 2 tsp. Rhubarb juice (optional)

Score the vanilla bean along its length. Add herbs to the red wine with the vanilla bean. Add two teaspoons rhubarb juice (if available) and let sit for three days. Serve.

Money Brew

3 parts Sassafras 2 parts Cedar 1 part Allspice 1 part Clove
1 part Dill 1 part Vetivert 1 part Calamus

Half fill a green glass bottle with fresh water. Add about a handful or so of the mixed, empowered herbs. Cap tightly and leave in full sunlight all day. At dusk, sniff the water. If the scent is strong, strain and add to baths, wash hands, anoint money charms and so on. If it isn't strong enough, chill overnight and return to the Sun the following day.

Moon Brew

Set a silver container filled with water out on the night of the Full Moon just as it rises (which will be at sunset). Allow the water to soak up Lunar rays all night. Just before dawn, rise and retrieve the water. Place in an earthen jug and cork tightly. (Never expose to the rays of the Sun). Add to the bath for love; anoint money to increase wealth; touch to the brow to promote psychic awareness; place in the bath to attune with the spiritual planes or prior to Lunar rituals



Protection Brew

3 parts Rue 2 parts Rosemary 1 part Vetivert
1 part Hyssop 1 part Mistletoe*

Brew as usual, strain and anoint each window and door of the house. Pour the rest down the drain to safeguard them. Do not drink!!

Psychic Teas

3 parts Rose petals 2 parts Yarrow 1 part Cinnamon

Brew, strain and drink a cup before or during divination and psychic work to enhance your psychic awareness.

Purification Brew

Collect any nine sacred plants, such as vervain, rue, rosemary, oak, pine, acacia, rose, carnation, thyme, basil, jasmine and so on. Place in a nonmetallic pot or bowl. Add rain water (or fresh water) and let the herbs soak, covered and away from light, for three days. Strain. Use for asperging the house, others, or yourself for purification.

Purification Brew #2

1 part Lemon Verbena 1 part dried Lemon peel 1 part Chamomile

Brew, drink for purification prior to ritual. If desired, add a splash of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey or sugar. (Sugar is used by Peruvian shamans in purification ceremonies).

Rainbow Brew

When it rains, wait for the clouds to break somewhere and look for a rainbow. If you find one, put a saucer or some other nonmetallic pan outside where it can catch rain. If it rains while the rainbow is still present, save the water for ritual uses. It has been blessed by the rainbow's appearance. Because the rainbow contains all colors, this "brew" is useful for all types of magic. Bottle and label. Add to bathe or anoint the body and hands while visualizing your magickal goal.

Sleep Brew

1 part Rose petals 1 part Myrtle leaves 1 part Vervain
Soak rose petals in a pot of water for three days. Add more rose petals each day. On the third day, add myrtle and vervain at sunrise and let soak all day. That night, just before going to bed, bathe your forehead with three handfuls of the brew. Your sleep should be free from nightmares. Use the brew until gone, then make another batch if needed.

Solar Cleansing

2 parts Fern 2 parts Juniper 2 parts Rosemary 1 part Cumin
1 part Yarrow 1 part Pepper 1 part Rue

Place the ground, mixed and empowered herbs in a red bottle half-filled with water. Set this in the Sun, let steep, strain. For a gentle cleansing, sprinkle the brew around the house at sunrise for three or four days every month.

Sun Water

Set a glass or crystal container of pure water outside just at dawn, in a place where the Sun's rays will shine on it all day. At sunset, bottle and cork the water. Keep it in a sunny place. Add to baths for energy, sprinkle around the home to remove evil, anoint yourself for purification and so on.

These washes are designed to attract or dispel certain influences.

To make wash:

herbs should be steeped in a pint of fresh water
stored in a previously blessed dark place for 3 days prior to use
shake wash each evening while chanting a rhyme pertaining to the purpose of the wash
on the 4th day strain herbs from water and repeat chant
repeat chant when using wash

Business Drawing Wash

Businesses with walk-in customers: wash down entrance floor, door handle and the aisle while using your chant
mail order business or if business gets checks through mail: wash down mailbox inside and out

How to use:

Once a week use wash in scrub water to wash down floors and walls of your business. Don't use wash for longer than a week after you first use it. Make a fresh batch when neccessary.
Wash is also good for attracting tenants to an empty apartment or house.


Mix 1 oz. of powdered squill root, 1 oz. of powdered yellow dock, 1/4 oz. of five-finger grass, 1 tsp. of cinnamon, and a tbsp. of blessed salt.

Mix well and add 2 tsps. of mixture to 1 pint of fresh water.

Day In Court Wash

Best when used in conjunction with a ritual to destroy your enemy's power to harm you.

How to use:

3 days before your court appearance, make wash. Put bottle in a blessd dark palce and chant over it. Chant each evening and morning. On the morning of your court date, pour the mixture out of your front door where you must walk to leave the house on your way to court. Also, carry a large piece of High John the Conqueror root in your pocket to the courtroom.


To 1 pint of water add 1/4 oz. jalop powder, 3/4 oz. of snake head, and 1 tsp. of blessed salt.
Essence of Louisiana Van Van
Used as a sprinkling solution to attract luck and power of all kinds when used full strength.

How to use:

Add to scrub water to wash down the floor and steps of a home or business to get rid of evil.


Put 1 1/2 oz. Louisiana Van Van Oil in 16 oz. of alcohol. Shake well before each use.

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