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Easy Formulas To Make Magical Incense - Spirits - Aztec - Sun Incense - Success


Sagittarius Incense

2 parts Frankincense
1 part Myrrh
1 part Clove

Use as a personal altar or household incense to increase your own powers.


Sahumeria Azteca Incense

3 parts Copal
2 parts Frankincense
1 part Rosemary
1 part Sage
1 part Lemongrass
1 part Bay
1/2 part Marigold
1/2 part Yerba Santa

For ancient Aztecan rituals and all Mexican-American folk magic. Also, use as a general purification incense.


Saturn Incense

2 parts Sandalwood
2 parts Myrrh
1 part Dittany of Crete
A few drops Cypress oil
A few drops Patchouly oil

This is the recommended Saturn incense formula. If you're going to use one of these four, this should be it.
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Scorpio Incense

2 parts Frankincense
1 part Galangal
1 part Pine resin (pinch)

Use as a personal altar or household incense to increase your powers.


Scrying Incense

1 part Mugwort
1 part Wormwood

Burn a small amount prior to scrying in a quartz crystal sphere, in flames, water and so on. Be warned--this one doesn't smell so good.



Sight Incense

2 parts Gum Mastic
2 parts Juniper
1 part Sandalwood
1 part Cinnamon
1 part Calamus
A few drops Ambergris oil or bouquet
A few drops Patchouly oil


Mix, empower and burn to promote psychic awareness. This is another version of the recipe that appeared in Magical Herbalism. Other variants include hemp.


Spirit Incense

1 part Anise
1 part Coriander
1 part Cardamom

Smolder to cause spirits to gather.
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Spirit Incense #2

1 part Sandalwood
1 part Lavender

Burn on the altar to invite good energies (or spirits) to be present during magical rituals.


Spirits Depart Incense (caution!)

1 part Calamint
1 part Peony
1/4 part Castor Beans*
1 part Mint (Spearmint)

Burn out of doors to drive away all evil spirits and vain imaginings. If you wish to use this formula, substitute a few drops castor oil for the beans, as these are poisonous.
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Study Incense

2 parts Gum Mastic
1 part Rosemary

Smolder to strengthen the conscious mind for study, to develop concentration and to improve the memory.


Success Incense

3 parts Wood Aloe
2 parts Red Storax
1 part Nutmeg

Burn for success in all undertakings. Since red storax (indeed, all storax) is unavailable, substitute frankincense or gum arabic.


Sun Incense

3 parts Frankincense
2 parts Myrrh
1 part Wood Aloe
1/2 part Balm of Gilead
1/2 part Bay
1/2 part Carnation
A few drops Ambergris oil or bouquet
A few drops Musk oil
A few drops Olive oil

Burn to draw the influences of the Sun and for spells involving promotions, friendship, healing, energy and magical power.

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