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Free Metal Magic Formula


Properties of some common metallic elements and their uses for metal magic in rituals and spells.

Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element on the earth and the moon. 8% of the earth`s crust is composed of aluminum in some form. Almost all rocks contain aluminosilicate minerals. The human body also contains traces of aluminum.
Powers Of Aluminum: A conductor of electricity.
Magic Uses: A Modern metal with no magic history. Aluminum foil can be used to fashion shapes for image magic.

Powers Of Boji Stones: Protection/Healing/Psychic Power
Magickal Uses:Use for grounding and healing by holding the stone in your hand while visualizing. Use these stones to protect and strengthen your psychic defenses.
Balance: Wear to balance energies within the body

Powers Of Brass:Healing/ Money/Protection
Associated Deities: Sun deities
Magic Uses: Brass can be used as a substitute for gold for money attracting magic rituals and spells. A simple money attracting *talisman that can easily be made is to inscribe a pentagram on a small piece of brass and carry it with you at all times. Brass is used for sun magic and fire magic rituals and spells. Sun magic spells used to attract wealth and money should be performed at sunrise. Because brass has protective attributes it is used for defensive magic to protect and send back negativity to the sender. Brass jewelry is worn for this purpose during such rituals.

(Cu/cuprum) *Receptive/Venus/Water/Female
The human body contains traces of copper.
Powers Of Copper: Conductor of electricity/Healing/Love/Luck/Protection
Associated Deities: Ishtar, Aphrodite and Astarte, and other Goddesses associated with Venus.
Magic Uses: Copper is used to make wands to direct energy during ritual. It is also worn during ritual to increase the direction of energy towards the desired goal. Pure copper is also worn for healing and to prevent sickness. It is said that copper should be worn on the opposite side of your dominate hand. For example, if you are right handed then wear copper on your left side. Because it is associated with the planet Venus it is also worn to attract love. It is highly effective for attracting love when copper is combined with emeralds.
Balance: Copper has the ability to balance the polarity`s of the body, this is why copper is used to heal and prevent sickness. Copper balances the flow of energies in the body, both receptive and projective. When a person feels ill, it is believed that the energies in the body are not in balance or are blocked and copper is worn to balance these energies and stimulate the natural healing of the body.
WARNING: In the book, Metalen En Hun Effecten, Roos Leffebure(Dutch), Copper has a physical effect as well as an emotional effect. If worn for too long the physical effect can result in bluish of the skin with a smell, headaches and an unstable heart rhythm. The emotional effect is like silver, it produces emotional instability if worn for too long.

Excels in healing emotional and physical aspects of heart/lungs and throat chakras. Flushes out/heals hurt, fear, stress, loss. Antidepressant. Sinuses, mouth; bone and tissue regeneration. On Solar Plexus: Aligns the subtle bodies, harmonizes heart, mind, and body. Wholeness, peace of heart, self-expression, creativity. Balances yin/yang. Draws out pain, inflammation, fever.

(A mixture of metals)*Projective/Sun/Fire/Male
Powers Of Electrum:To find a natural mixture of metals is rare. Today electrum is custom made for specific ritual purposes. For example, uniting the receptive and projective qualities such as when gold and silver are mixed together or symbolically uniting the God and Goddess.



(Au/aurum) *Projective/Sun/Fire/Male
Powers Of Gold: Power/Success/Wealth/Strength/Protection/Male Dysfunction
Associated Deities: Sun Gods
Magic Uses: Use for fire magic, sun magic, spells and rituals for money and to increase power, self-confidence and courage. Gold and a white candle are used for protection spells. Wear gold jewelry or a *talisman to attract success and wealth. Gold worn during a ritual enhances the ability to gather up and send out power. A substitute for gold to use in money attracting spells is Pyrite( also known as Fool`s Gold)
I like to wear a piece of amber shaped heart on a small gold bracelet at times when I need to increase my chances of success with a particular situation.

The human body contains traces of iron.
Powers Of Iron: Protection/Healing/Strength
Associated Deities: Selene
Magic Uses: Pure form is found only in Meteorites. Used for defensive magic to deflect negativity. Iron stops the flow of psychic energy and is used for healing the self when one feels emotional wrought or is under psychic attac,. in this way it deflects negative energy. Iron inscribed with symbolic Mars is worn for protective and defensive magic. Also you can take iron nails and insert them in white or blue candles for protection and defensive magic. A talisman of iron is said to increase physical strength. Envisioning a large iron gate of olde during a protection spell helps to mentally keep negative away.

Receptive. Element: Earth. Spodumene with lithium. Pink, clear. Powerful, high level stone. Strengthens healers, teachers. Opens the emotional heart and spiritual heart. Unconditional lovingness, compassion. Healing abuse/loss/addictions. Helps emotional balance, confidence, connection to higher self, oneness. Reduces depression, mood swings, stress, radiation. Brow and crown chakras.
Deepens altered state, psychic readings, healing, being centered emotionally and spiritually. Distinctive flattened crystals with deep striations. Encourages self-esteem and helps to remove insecurities. Relaxes your heart space. Enables pent up communication to come out in a thoughtful caring manner. Simply dissolves negativity and fear. Works to contact spirit guides, angels, nature spirits and totem animals. Further enhances communication with these entities. Sets up a pathway for continuance of contact. Stimulates intuition while in meditation. Opens the door way to the subconscious and provides a shield for unwanted energies. Used to eliminate energy blockages. Clears meridians and helps to reduce cholesterol. Works to strengthen the physical heart. Widely used for addictive disorders and calming nervous disorders. It is extensively mined for its Lithium content.


Powers of Lead: Protection
Magic Uses: To be used for defensive and protective magic to deflect negative energies.
WARNING: Lead is poisonous when absorbed by the body.

(Magnetite/natural magnet/natural iron oxide)*Receptive/Venus/Water/Female
Was used by sailors and mariners to find the magnetic North.
Powers Of Lodestone: To attract love, money, friendship, and power/Protection/Fidelity
Magickal Uses: Lodestone has a natural magnetic quality and the larger the stone the greater its magnetic powers. It is used for attraction. It can worn during ritual, or placed on an alter to increase a spell`s powers. Lodestone can also be used for healing by placing the stone on the hurt part of the body. After the spell or ritual is performed and the stone has absorbed the negative energies, the stone should be cleaned. It can also be placed in the receptive hand while performing spells or for emotional healing.

(Hg/hydrargyrum)*Duel Energies/Water, Earth, Air/Male/Female
WARNING: Mercury is poisonous! It is dangerous to touch, breath and accidentally ingest. Use other metals that are safer.

Spiritual powers: Dreaming and remembrance. Enhances one's protective field. Brings peace and calm. Healing attributes: Builds the immune system. Useful for anemia for blood disorders. Clearly the color and unusual touch generate a serenity and tranquillity uncommon even in the typical stress release stones. This is a most powerful stone. Has been used to aid in remembering dreams. Rub Prehnite just before going to sleep and ask for assistance in lucid dreaming. Due to its ability to rapidly move one into the other world, Prehnite has long been used as a secret stone of Shaman's. Because it can carry one into both the sub-conscious and the earth's astral it has become known as the "Prediction Stone", and as such is much in demand by channelers.
Do not take Prehnite lightly. Before you go contacting entities make sure you have some understanding how to let them go, how to ascertain that you are truly in touch with the same energy (entity), and that you have some knowledge in limiting the vital life force any discarnate entity can absorb from you. Prehnite is par excellence for visualizations of any kind. It provides a smooth transition into meditation. One of the top stones available for self-hypnosis and auto-suggestion. In healing, Prehnite has been used to reduce high blood pressure and control hypertension. We have recently found that this remarkable stone can be used to balance meridians and also to activate (balance) acupuncture and acupressure points.

Power Of Silver: Intuition/Emotions/Psychic Mind/Dreams/Love/Protection/Invocation of the Goddess
Associated Deities: Moon Goddesses
Magic Uses: Use for water magic, scrying, divination, dreams, rituals invoking the Goddess and love and healing spells. Silver reflects negativity away. Silver influences the psychic mind increasing your chances for psychic dreams and enhancing intuition. Silver can be used for scrying. Take a piece of silver with you outside on a full moon and allow the silver to catch the reflection of the moon. Silver is also associated with the stones, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Pearl and Emerald. When one of these stones are used together with silver as in a piece of jewelry it is used to attract love. Wear silver to sleep with a stone such as moonstone to enhance psychic dreams.
Balance: If wearing too much silver overwhelms you and makes you emotionally overwhelmed, try wearing gold with it to balance out. This particular problems occurs with me if I wear silver for too long. I therefore just take off my silver bracelet and rings for a few days.

Magic Uses: A modern metal without history of magic use. Since it is a projective metal it is used today for defensive magic to deflect negative energies away. Steel knives are used either through visualization or physically held while visualizing negative impulses and all negative energies away from yourself. Afterwards take the knife and place it under your mattress to symbolically serve as protection and to block negative energies from disturbing your thoughts at night. A steel knife used in this manner is for symbolism and visualization. Use caution when handling a knife.

The main component for Pewter.
Powers Of Tin: Money/ Luck
Magic Uses: Made into money attracting *talismans

White/translucent. Insight into self and others; seeing solutions to difficulties. Somewhat 3rd eye opening. Some find it helpful for amplifying dreams, imagination, imagery, fantasy states for creativity (not recommended if addictive or escapism tendency). May fall apart if soaked in water.

Metals and Their Planets:
Sun: Brass, gold
Moon: Silver
Mercury: Aluminum
Venus: Copper, lodestone
Mars: Iron, steel
Jupiter: Tin, Bronze
Saturn: Lead, pewter.
Metals and Their Sun Signs:
Aries: Iron
Taurus: Copper
Gemini: Chrome
Cancer: Silver
Leo: Gold
Virgo: Nickel
Libra: Bronze
Scorpio: steel
Sagittarius: brass
Capricorn: Pewter
Aquarius: aluminum
Pisces: Tin

Metals have a long history of use in magic. One of the most common uses is the engraving of planetary talismans and other sorts of talismans on circles or squares of the metal that corresponds to the intent. This will be a rather short section, containing the planetary correspondences for metals and some of their traditional magical uses. Most of the metals are those that have been around for a long time rather than modern discoveries, and most are readily available except for mercury which is very poisonous and in any case is liquid at room temperature which makes it quite difficult to engrave anything on it. Substitute aluminum for mercury.
Planetary Correspondences and Ritual Use of Metals

Metal Planet Uses
Aluminum Mercury There is no long history of using aluminum in magic, it is a relatively modern metal. It is used as a substitute for the poisonous mercury for talismans to the planet mercury. Carried for mental abilities, and used in travel spells.
Brass Sun Used as a low cost substitute for gold. Money attracting, protective.
Copper Venus Used for healing, to attract love, to maintain health, to draw luck, to draw prosperity. Aligns energies and adds energy to spells.
Gold Sun Adds energy to ritual, gives courage, confidence and will power. Protective, used in defensive magic, promotes wisdom, money attracting, used for success.
Iron Mars Protective, worn for physical strength, good for athletes. Used for grounding, shutting off psychic centers when under psychic attack.
Lead Saturn Guards against negativity, protective, used in defensive magic.
Mercury Mercury Luck, used formerly as a scrying mirror and for protective charms. Do not use, it is poisonous to touch, breathe the fumes, ingest.
Platinum Moon Brings about balance, calm and helps bring a tumultous life under control. Improves the memory, attitude and outlook on life.
Silver Moon Love attracting, aids psychic development, produces prophetic dreams, calming, guards travelers, money attracting, protective. Healing, aids communication, lessens anxiety, assists with problem solving.
Steel Mars Protective, guards against negativity, prevents nightmares.
Tin Jupiter Luck, attracts prosperity.



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