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Cut the tops off of tissue boxes and glue their sides together so that when it sits up it looks like the rooms of a dollhouse.
Cut pictures of furniture, etc. out of old catalogs.
Glue the pictures to the inside of the tissue boxes to furnish the house.

Fishing Net
Remove the string from a tennis racquet.
Cut off the bottom half of an old pair of pantyhose.
Staplegun the pantyhose to the racquet.
To make a pool skimmer, cut the pantyhose much smaller so that it can be pulled tightly across the racquet.

Find old Christmas cards. You will need at least three pictures.
Using a glass, trace a circle around the pictures you would like to include. Cut these out.
Fold each circle in half.
Glue or staple the three circles together with the pictures facing out so that it forms a triangle-like shape.
Punch a hole through one of the sides, place an ornament hook through it. Hang it from the tree.

Patchwork Crayons
Remove the paper from the crayons and place various colors in a non-stick muffin pan. Fill the muffin cup up only a quarter of the way.
Place in the oven and bake on a low temperature setting until all of the crayons have melted.
Let cool and then pop the wax out.

Picture Frames from Valentine's Day Candy Boxes
Take the lid of a heart-shaped candy box.
Cut a hole in the middle.
Place a picture in the hole and then tape it to the back of the box to keep it from moving.
Attach a string across the back of the box.
Hang the picture frame on a wall.



Shiny Bows from Potato Chip Bags
This is complicated so pay attention. If you have questions, please e-mail me.
Cut a potato chip bag along the seams so that it opens up and lays flat.
Wash with dish soap and dry off.
Cut a strip approximately one-half inch wide (or whatever you like).
Cut the strip to whatever length you like. This will depend upon the size of bow you wish to make. (Experiment to find what you like best.)
Twist the strip into a figure "8" keeping the shiny side facing out at all times. (The other side of the strip will be visible at the center of the bow.)
Clip in the middle with a paper clip. (This is only temporary.)
Repeat step 5 with another strip.
Remove the paper clip from the first strip.
CAREFULLY, so the strips do not slip, place the two bows perpendicular to each other. It should look like a "+". Staple at the center--make sure that all of the ends are stapled or the bow will fall apart.
Repeat steps 5-9 but make it only slightly smaller than the first.
Staple the second bow inside the first bow. Position them so that there are as few spaces as possible.
At this point, the thing you're holding should resemble a half-done bow. The outside should be shiny and the inside should have some type of design on it. If it doesn't, try again.
Although you can try to put more of these inside each other to make it a complete bow, this is very difficult and frustrating. Instead, try putting a cotton ball (from aspirin bottles) or a tiny tissue-paper flower in the center. Brush the top lightly with a marker to give it a tinge of color. If it is necessary, tape it to the center. (This completes the bow and disguises the inside.)
Tape it to a package and proudly tell everyone that you made it--but only if it looks good!

Shiny Ribbons from Potato Chip Bags
Cut a potato chip bag along the seams so that it opens up and lays flat.
Wash with dish soap and dry off.
Cut numerous strips to whatever width you would like the ribbon to be.
Using very thin pieces of tape (approximately one-sixteenth of an inch wide) tape the strips together (both the shiny side and the other side).
Tape as many together as you wish to make the ribbon as long as you would like.
Tape one end to a toilet paper tube. Wrap the ribbon around it. When all of the ribbon has been wrapped around the tube, tape the other end down.
Use it like you would use any other ribbon--just keep the shiny side up.

Tissue Paper Flowers
After opening a new toilet paper roll, take the tissue paper and spread it flat.
If you do not want any commercial design on the flower, cut around it. Cut strips of tissue paper. The width of the strip will be the diameter of the flower. The length will determine the number of pleats you will get.
Place these strips on top of each other. (They will need to be the same size.) You will need at least four strips to make it look good.
Pleat the group of strips along the length. The smaller the pleats, the tighter the flower. (Be careful not to make the pleats too tight, since it may be difficult to separate the layers.)
When you are done pleating the strips, you should be left with one thick strip whose length is as long as the width of the original strip. Staple the center of this strip.
Fan out each side of the strip around the staple.
Carefully, so as not to rip the paper, separate the layers of tissue paper. Pull the first layer toward the staple--it should form a pleated half-circle. Then pull the second layer, and the third, etc.
When you are finished, it should resemble a flower head. Brush the top lightly with a marker to give it a little color.
Tape it to a present.

Toilet Paper Tube Packing Material
When you finish with a roll of toilet paper or paper towels, cut the tube into rings that are three-quarters of an inch wide. You will need three of these rings for each one packing material.
Place one of these inside another in the shape of an "X".
Place the third one over the "X" so that none of the rings are overlapping.
Stuff with a little ball of newspaper.
Make as many of these as you need.
You should end up with a ball which will squish fairly easily (and bounce back). Use in place of styrofoam packing. While this can be used to help keep objects from moving, I am not sure if it will prevent breakage.

Fill an empty soup can with water and then freeze.
Once the water has frozen, use a nail and hammer to create a design in the can.
When you have finished creating the design, allow the ice to melt.
Place a candle inside, and voila! You have your own votive.

Waterproof Sitting Pad from Wallpaper
Cut two pieces of wallpaper to a size large enough to sit on.
Punch holes around the perimeter.
Place several sheets of newspaper between the two sheets of wallpaper. Make it thick enough for comfort and warmth.
With the wallpaper facing outward, attach the two sheets together by weaving old shoelaces through the holes.

Put Our Earth First!
Below is a list of many simple things that you can do to
help both the earth and the environment. Not only can
these things save the earth and keep you healthier, they
can save you lots of money as well!
Stop Using Aerosol Products.
Many places are making aerosol products illegal. Make sure you know what you are buying. There are safer alternatives for sale on the same shelves as aerosol and ozone-depleting products. If it does not say that it does not deplete the ozone layer then be assured that it does!
Keep your pets safe.
Millions of animals are killed in the most horrible ways every year simply because owners are too lazy and slobbish to get them fixed or to keep them in the house. One male cat that gets outside even once can impregnate up to 20 females and result in as many as 100-200 stray, unwanted animals. These animals suffer from tortures such as hunger, plagues of fleas and flies, mange, diseases, and deaths related to cars and humans. If they do survive, the are picked up by the pound and killed. It would be nice to think that these animals are just put to sleep. Instead, their tortures are just beginning. Here are some things that stray animals and pets that are picked up have to go through: Click here for this terrible story.
Stop Using Pesticides.
Pesticides not only destroy harmful insects, but they pollute and kill other animals as well. They pollute groundwater and get into sewers to pollute our drinking water. They kill beneficial insects, get into our food through plant roots and can kill other animals such as squirrels, songbirds and even our pets. A wonderful alternative is DE or "diatomatious earth." Diatomatious earth is made of tiny microscopic glass-shelled creatures, called diatoms, that live in the oceans. When dried, they form a soft powder of microscopic glass particles. This glass scratches the exoskeleton of insects and they die within a few hours of dehydration. This is completely non-toxic and can be used in the yard, the home and even on pets. You can usually find it at your local garden store. I use a flea shampoo called Bio-Guard. It is the cheapest on the shelf, is non-toxic, safe for the environment and is safe for cats and dogs of all ages. Even newborn pets and people.
Buy Meat and Eggs from Free-Range Chickens.
Chickens that are raised free-range do not contain hormones and other chemicals used by breeders to make them lay more eggs or grow larger. These chickens are also not as subject to diseases and are treated much better than chickens from chicken farms where they are crowded their entire lives into tiny spaces with less than one square foot of room per chicken!
.Recycle Plastic Shopping Bags
Most grocery stores have bins either outside or just inside the door where you can drop off your used grocery bags for recycling. Instead of throwing them away, reuse them or take them to be recycled. I like to use them to line my waste baskets in my home. It saves money because I do not have to buy special trash bags just for the wastebaskets and it cuts down on waste.

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