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Phone Cord
Save cords in case you need to replace a broken one.
Cut a sprial cord and form it into a small circle. Slip a key chain ring through and then melt or glue the ends of the cord together. Use as a key chain.
Picture Frame (medium, self-standing kind)
Keep in the kitchen and slip a recipe card into it when cooking to keep it clean.
Use for storage of awards/pictures you no longer wish to display. Several will fit in a frame. Store the frame flat in a closet.
If you are bored with the look of a wooden frame, stain it a different color and reuse it.
Let children decorate a wooden frame with paint and then allow them to hang it in their room with their own art work inside it.
Save the glass and backing of standard size frames for when others break.
Use for hanging emergency phone numbers and instructions in the basement or garage.
Replace the glass with a mirror and hang it for a new look.
Make a small picture frame (wallet size or 3x5) into a coaster. Glue something soft (material, etc) to the back so it does not scratch your table.
Use the cardboard backing as a firestarter.
Glue your child's artwork to the cardboard backing of a picture frame. Display on a wall or as a standup without the need for a frame.
If a wooden frame is broken, simply glue or nail it back together.

Remove the stuffing and use to make other pillows thicker.
Keep it in your pet's cage for comfort.
Cut it in half, sew along the open end and make into two smaller camping pillows.
Instead of throwing it out, restuff it.
Use for pillow fights.

Pizza (plastic cheese protector)
Use it as a table in a dollhouse. (Tonya, Flip, Lisa)
Put a cloth over it and display jewelry for sale. (Tonya)
Put on iced cakes so the foil won't stick to the icing. (Flip)

Pizza Boxes
Note: Keep in mind that your pizza box may be covered with grease. You may not want to use the box for the following purposes if it is.
Use to store art projects, painted paper, glued items, modelling dough, etc. while drying. (CLC)



Plastic Bags
See Bags--Grocery (plastic).

Plastic Baggies
See Bags--Baggies

Plastic Breath Mint Containers
Fill with aspirin or decongestants and keep in your purse or travel bag.
Fill with salt or pepper and take camping.
Fill with sugar or creamer and take with you in the car when bringing a thermos of coffee for long road trips.
Plastic Cards (phone/gas card)
When the declining balance has completely declined, allow kids to use for credit cards when playing "store". Hint: Do not give your children real credit cards EXPIRED OR NOT. You will create security hazards for yourself should they ever take them outside of your home.

Plastic Chocolate-Milk Mix Containers
Use for storage of crayons.
Use for a pencil holder.
Drill holes in the bottom and make it into a sand sifter.
Use for orderly storage of rice, pasta, nuts, etc.
Plastic Containers (including butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.)

Plastic Containers--Miscellaneous
Storage of any objects that will fit.
Storage of leftovers.
Cut a slit in the lid and use as a bank.
Fill with rice or sand to make children's musical shakers. (Adrian)
Plastic Containers--Butter/Cottage Cheese
Use butter bowls as flower pots. Punch holes in the bottom if necessary and put the lid underneath to catch excess water.
Poke holes in a butterbowl and use it as a colander.
Paint the outside of a butter bowl festively and then use it for an Easter basket
Use butter bowls for storage of chess pieces. (Bootsy)
Use butter bowls as cereal bowls. (Christine)
Use the lid of a butter bowl as a cheap frisbee for your pet.
Use butter bowls as an outdoor water dish for dogs during the summer.
Use butter bowls as a food dish for smaller pets.
Keep a butter bowl in the car for when you take a pet for a ride. Bring a jug of water and allow your pet to drink.

Plastic Containers--Tofu
Use tofu containers for storage of odds-and-ends

Plastic Containers--Yogurt
Use yogurt containers for dyeing easter eggs.
Fill yogurt containers with pudding or jello and send it to school with your kids. Or better yet, take it to work with you!

Plastic Cups (the kind you get from fast-food restaurant promotions))
Fill with extra change and use it as a door stop. (Christine)
Use when on picnics so you don't lose your good glasses. (Christine)
Use as a food scoop for your animals. (Christine)
Punch holes in the bottom and use for potting plants. (Rose)
Use as a vase for flowers.
Use for drinks outside in the summer (when gardening, etc.)
Give to the kids for making sand castles.
Use when taking drinks into backyards which have a pool (bare feet won't step on broken glass).
Use as a pen holder.
Use as a bank.
Plastic Packaging (like the thick packaging battery rechargers come in)
Use a larger piece for an eraseable message pad for phone messages, etc.
On a large piece, draw several tic-tac-toe boards with permanent marker. Give kids wet-erase markers to play with. Wipe clean when all boards are filled.
Make your own reuseable calendar by drawing in boxes with permanent marker and adding numbers and notes with wet-erase markers.
Use larger pieces as a small "chalk board" for children. Keep wet-erase markers and a cloth for erasing handy.
Glue a magnet to the back of a larger piece and keep it on the fridge for messages.
Glue a piece to the lids of plastic containers. Use for labeling and dating food when you put it in the fridge or freezer. (Make sure you use eraseable markers.)
Use the plastic packaging that Easter candy comes in (those shaped like bunnies) as molds for making your own chocolate.
Make bird feeder molds (instructions for doing this will appear next time I update this). (Christine)

Plastic Packaging Film
Use as a protective cover for your computer, keyboard and printer. (Ben)

Plastic Rings (six packs)
Tie together and use as a trellis for roses. (Michele)
String together into "chicken wire" and erect around the garden so your dog will know that it is off-limits. Support with wooden handles from shovels, brooms, etc.
Make into a hot pad by cutting each ring separate to form a circle. Double-crochet around each ring. Sew the six smaller rings together to form one large circle. (Da Mom)
Plastic Scoops (the kind that comes with drink mixes)
Keep in sugar, flour, rolled oats, etc. containers for easy access.

Plastic Utensils
DON'T BUY!!! Use silverware!
Store the plastic utensils you get from fast-food restaurants in your car and use them for on-the-road meals or when drive-thru forgets to give you utensils (it happens!).
Take on camping trips or picnics (but don't throw them out). Reuse them until they break.
Send to school in your kid's lunchbox. Make sure they bring them home for reuse!
Use as plant supports for droopy seedlings.
Keep a spoon by the coffee at work for sugar.
Keep a spoon in your desk drawer at work for stirring your coffee (so you don't have to use a stirring stick).
Collect and take to work for office parties. Wash and reuse when the festivities are over.
Let kids use a knife for cutting clay or play-doh.
Give to kids for playing "house" or "restaurant."
Keep a set in your desk drawer at work in case you forget yours when you bring lunch.

Pocket Protector
Use for storing a few special pens on a desktop, beside the bed, etc.

Pools (Children's, plastic)
Fill with water and let your pet play in it on hot summer days. (pauldavis@talstar.com)
Flip it over and use for covering small plants from the frost in warmer climates. (pauldavis@talstar.com)
Poke holes in the bottom, fill with potting soil and plant a garden in it. (pauldavis@talstar.com)
Use as a sandbox.
Flip it over and use it for a sandbox cover.
Use as an outdoor dog bath.
Slide it under the bed and use it for storage.
Keep on the floor of the basement and use for storage of wet/dirty clothes before washing.
Fill with water and put at the entrance to an adult-sized pool. Grass will come off in the little pool and not the big one.
Line with a blanket and use as a pet bed.

Pool Cover (Solar)
Cut to the desired size and use as packaging material. (Tim)

Pool Pillow (Winterized)
Use as a tarp for grills, wood, etc. (Tim)

Pop Bottles (Plastic)
See Bottles--Beverage (Plastic).

Pop Bottle Lids
Use for mixing small portions of paint.
Use for small cookie cutters.
Take with you to fast-food restaurants and fill with ketchup. Wash before you leave so that you can take it with you and use it again.
Paint, nail to a wall or door, and stuff a styrofoam packing peanut inside. Use for tacking up messages.

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