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All About Wicca


Introduction on Wicca

Historical roots: Witchcraft is the ancient Pagan faith of Europe. This nature-oriented, agricultural,
magical religion had no central organisation, but was passed through families. During the
Christian era, particularly after the beginning of the systematic persecution of Witches in 1484,
almost all the public expression of the Craft disappeared. Surviving in hidden and isolated
places, Witchcraft has made a comeback in the twentieth century, partially spurred by the
repeal of the last British Witchcraft Laws in 1951.
Current World Leadership: No central authority. Many Witches have, however, affiliated with the American Council of Witches, formed in 1974, to provide a structure for co-operation and mutual sharing.
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The Basics Of Wicca

Types Of Wicca

Wiccan Seasons And Holidays

Wicca And Magic

The Months And Wicca

Wiccan Correspondences

Wiccan Magic

Wicca A nd Herbs

Wiccan Recipes

The God

The Goddess

Beliefs, History and Types of Wicca


Moon Lore


Craft Names

Meditation, Visualisation, Grounding and Centering

Casting and Banishing a Circle

Elements And Cardinal Directions


The Wiccan Altar and its Tools

Altar Ideas for the Sabbats

Fae Lore

Fae Dictionary

The Angels And Wicca

Life and Wicca

Wicca and Life




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