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Here is a collection of recipes designed to complement various Pagan celebrations and rituals, mostly Sabbats but with a few for multiple purposes. Many Pagans like to celebrate the Sabbats with feasting, friends and food. As the Wheel of the Year turns, it can help bring us more in tune with the seasons if we incorporate our spirituality into our meal planning and menus. Here's a collection of recipe ideas for all eight of the modern Pagan sabbat celebrations, as well as some tips on how to be an effective kitchen witch!If you celebrate any Pagan or nature-oriented festivals, or just want to try some recipes that are aligned with the symbolism of the seasons, choose a few of these and make them yourself or find a willing helper to experiment with. Most of these are simple and use natural ingredients, the kitchen's got its own magic.

Pagan Recipes for Imbolc Candlemas

February 2 Northern Hemisphere / August 1 Southern Hemisphere

In many Pagan traditions, the Imbolc sabbat is a time to honor new life, and the warmth of the hearthfire. Celebrate your Sabbat with seasonal recipes such as baked custard, bacon and leeks, braided bread, curried lamb, and Irish cream truffles.

Pagan Recipes for Ostara

March 20 - 23 Northern Hemisphere / September 20 - 23 Southern Hemisphere

Ostara, the spring equinox, is a time full of new life and new beginnings. Plan your Sabbat menu accordingly, to reflect the themes of the season. Try simple, earthy recipes like spinach quice, ostara oil, broccoli, devilled eggs, spring sprout salad, and mint chutney. Also, try our marshmellow peep ambrosia, for a great way to get rid of some of that leftover Easter candy!

Pagan Recipes for Beltane

April 30 (Mayday is celebrated on the first of May) Northern Hemisphere / October 31 (Mayday is celebrated on the first day of November) Southern Hemisphere.

Beltane, or May Day, is a sabbat that honors the fertility of the earth and the greening of the land. It's a time to celebrate fire and lustiness, so incorporate these themes into your Sabbat celebration's menu. Try our honey cakes, elder flower fritters, fiery green beans, candied flower petals, Scottish bannocks, fertility bread and Green Man cake!

Pagan Recipes for Litha

June 20 - 23 Northern Hemisphere / December 20 - 23 Southern Hemisphere.

Litha, the summer solstice, is the longest day of the year, and it's a time to delve into our gardens and reap the benefits of the midsummer bounty! Take advantage of the sunny evenings, and put together a table of soft mead, solstice herb bread, fiery grilled salmon, delicious vegetables, fresh fruit fennel salad, and a nice cold pitcher of lemon balm tea!

Pagan Recipes for Lammas Lughnassadh

August 1 Northern Hemisphere / February 1 Southern Hemisphere

Lammas or Lughnasadh is the celebration of the early harvest, and it's a time to honor the spirit of the grain fields. Why not incorporate some seasonal themes into your Sabbat menu? Put together dishes that celebrate the harvest - try some corn bread, stuffed mushrooms, basil pesto fresh from the garden, blackberry cobbler, Lammas bread, and roasted garlic corn!

Pagan Recipes for Mabon

September 20 - 23 Northern Hemisphere / March 20 - 23 Southern Hemisphere.

Mabon, or the autumn equinox, is a time to celebrate the abundance of the harvest and the bounty of the earth. Bring those themes to you Sabbat dinner table, and try some of these seasonal dishes: stuffed acorn squash, widrice, crockpot apple butter with Dark Mother bread, a Ren-Faire style turkey leg, and delicious stuffed grape leaves.

Pagan Recipes for Samhain

October 31 Northern Hemisphere / May 1 Southern Hemisphere

Samhain is a season to honor the dead, celebrate our ancestors, and get in touch with the spirit world as the earth grows colder and dies once more. Put together some of these tasty seasonal ideas for your Samhain celebration, pumpkin muffins, orange carrot jello, sugar skulls, banshee mulled wine, and butternut squash casserole! It's all about comfort food this time of year.

Pagan Recipes for Yule

Winter Solstice - December 20 - 23 Northern Hemisphere / June 20 - 23 Southern Hemisphere

Are you ready to mix up some kitchen magic for Yule, the Winter Solstice? Celebrate the longest night of the year and the midwinter chilliness, with fun seasonal recipes like plum pudding, cocoa snowballs, wassail, hot buttered rum, peppermint fudge, and a rich cholocate Yule Log cake.


Kitchen Wicca

The term "Kitchen Witch" brings up many different images to people, but the most common idea
is that of a Witch who practices her art mainly thru cooking and common household skills. Another
image is that of one who uses common everyday items in her art, drawing up memories of
the Burning Times, when it was necessary to hide your working tools from those who would
persecute you for their possession. While both of these images are certainly true ones,
Kitchen Wicca goes far beyond magical cooking or using ordinary items as magical tools.

Click here to read more on Kitchen Wicca.

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