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Wicca And Astral Projection - Page 2

Earth (under your feet) - The seven prismatic colors (rainbow) swirling lazily.
Once you have energized your whole body like this, concentrate
on all the spheres and shafts at once. Be aware of all the colors.
After having done this exercise a number of times, you will feel
actual tingling in the centres when you energize them. You will
feel your solar plexus (in the middle of your body, right between
your belly button and ribs) throbbing like crazy. Here's where you
will exteriorizing astral substance. Hold the spheres for a few
more seconds, then let them slowly fade away.


The protection. Visualize a large sphere of radiant white light lying
at your feet, until you get a steady image. Breath in, and pull all that
light in a long white shaft up through your body to the top of your head.
See it light up the inside of your body, leaving a steady shine. On an
out breath, let the light flow down along the outside of your body, en-
capsulating you in a waterfall of white, protective light. Let the light
recollect at your feet and at an in-breath, pull it back up again. This
is a greatly relaxing exercise, and it makes you feel great. Repeat this
cycle for as long as you like, at least 10 times.


Now you have to formulate your astral vehicle; the 'car' your conscious
needs to 'travel' in. Here's how to do it. Visualize a jet of blue-silver
mist to leave your body at your solar plexus. Make it form a cloud a few
feet above you. Then form this cloud into a human figure, floating above
you, facing down towards you. This human figure decides what you're gonna
look like in the Astral plane, but don't worry! You can remodel this
figure in great detail once you're out there. It is a good idea however,
to, prior to the meditation, concentrate on how you want to look like.
Once your happy with this visualization, stop the flow of astral substance,
but keep the fine line between you and the vehicle intact. IMPORTANT: if
you don't succeed in projecting, ALWAYS make an effort to 'take back' the
exteriorized astral substance. Make the figure into a cloud again, and
pull it back. This will prevent unnecessary and severe energy loss and




The actual projection. Pick a point on your body. Any point will do, but
I have found that the point that works best, is your solar plexus, be-
cause it's right where your astral vehicle is attached to your body.
Now, collect your being, your self, everything you are, all your wishes,
thoughts, movements into this point. It like crawling away into a grain
of sand. Empty your head, your legs, arms etc. and recollect yourself at
this specific point. Now visualize the same point on your astral vehicle,
that's still floating above you. Now, make a mental resolution to lift
this point where you are out of your body, along the line (cord) that
links you with your vehicle, into your vehicle, to the same point in
your vehicle, and SEE IT HAPPEN. Now the hard part: make a mental effort
to 'turn around' in your astral vehicle thus come to face your own body
lying a few feet away. Now expand your personality again, and make it
fill your astral vehicle. This is rather like putting on a thick glove.
Make yourself aware of your new body. You've done it! You can fly!
Whee! Have a good time!

Important notes:
- The first time it actually happens, don't do much more than just
floating in air and looking at your body. Keep this up as long as
you can, then slowly 'drift down'. You will automatically 'snap
back' (this is very much like what can happen to you when you're
lying in bed, when you get that feeling like you're falling down.
I already said that we all astrally project while we're sleeping).
This 'snapping back' will happen more often that you wish for the
first times you achieved actual projection. Don't worry. You have
learned the 'knack', there's no reason why you cannot do it again,
and you will learn how to stay out there for a longer period of
time automatically.

- Once you're out there comfortably, and you're ready to explore,
get away from your body as quickly as possible. Because, even
looking at your body, or getting close, may cause snapping back.

- When you are back (or haven't succesfully projected), always do
the Energizing meditation again, to revitalize your being.

- I almost forgot: you need a good reason for your body to willingly
let you go. Like I pointed out, sex is a good reason. But also a
friend in need, someone who needs healing, curiosity etc. Any
reason that makes you feel comfortable (yes, this may include
eavesdropping! But be careful, someone might actually see you!)
It's a good thing to meditate on your reason to project, and to
think of your reason and why it's a good one right before you try
to project yourself.

- The Key-signal phenomenon. Many people who astrally projected,
reported a 'key-signal' right before they left their bodies.
This usually is a strange, whistling sound in their ears, but
can also be a cold draft on your forehead, a strange smell, or
weird metallic noises. If this happens, don't be upset at it!
It means you're on the right track. Thinking about your specific
key-signal the next time you try to project may even facilitate
the process significantly.

-- What can I actually do out there ?

- You can remodel your astral vehicle with your willpower, to look like
anything you wish. Yes, if you miss and arm or a leg, you can still have
one in the Astral world (this may explain the Phantom pain phenomena.
People who had to miss an arm or leg often experience pain in their
missing body part). Your eyesight can be very screwed up. You can at times
experience eyes 'at the back of your head'. This 360 degrees vision
can be upsetting to some people, and very interesting to others. Making
a willed resolution to 'see as you wish', will solve the problem.
You may be able to dress up as you wish, you cannot disguise your perso-
nality on the astral. Other beings can see your aura very clearly, and
if it's no good, you will be treated likewise. You can check on your aura
by looking at yourself in streaming water, or a crystal ball (if you know
where there is one).

- Moving in astral space can be very difficult at first. Travel speed in
astral space equals thought speed. You can move yourself to the other
end of the universe by just thinking about it. So, you have to think
yourself forward and backward. This may be awkward at first, but you'll
soon get used to it. Don't be afraid about getting lost! Just think about
your body or your room and you're there. Get a little closer, and you'll
snap back automatically. Oh yes, physical obstacles form no barriers!

- You can also move in 'lightness' and in time ! Though this is a bit harder,
and you may want to really practice to stretch your limits on this.
Moving in 'lightness': You can, by an act of will, pull energy along the
astral cord from your body, or send back astral energy to your body.
Gaining energy causes your astral vehicle to get heavier and more 'to the
earth', losing energy makes you lighter and flow upwards, to the higher
astral realms. But getting too heavy or too light causes you to 'snap back'.
Through practice, you can get heavier or lighter. If you are at a particu-
lar scene that is of interest to you, try making yourself lighter and heavier
in turn. At every level you arrive at, something else is revealed about the
scene. Getting heavier is useful when you want to heal someone (you'll
need the extra energy), when you want to try to lift physical objects (this
takes great effort, you can lift about 56 grams), or if you want to try to
show yourself to someone (to haunt the living daylight out of him ..grin..)
Someone might be able to take a picture of your astral body this way.
Getting lighter is useful for visiting the upper realms, where the higher
astral beings hang out. The higher you can get, you more 'enlightened' you

Moving in time: you can travel in time, about 500 years forwards and back-
wards. To archieve this, visualize a calender losing it's days, or a clock
going formards or backwards.

Three interesting phenomena occur as you do

1. You will find that some era's are unreachable, no matter how hard
you try.
2. When you go back, the images you're getting fade and become
colorless. More than 500 years back, almost nothing can be seen. When you
go forward, images become more and more vibrant and sharp, until they be-
come painful and unbearable. You cannot interact with the physical level
when you're back in time.
3. Time elasticity. When you spend a few minutes
in the past, you may have spend a whole hour in the present. The further
you go back, the more 'present time' you need to spend a time in the past.
For going to the future, this is the other way around. You may be out of
your body for an hour, and spend a few hours, days or even weeks in the
future time. Odd, isn't it ?
Traveling to the future opens up interesting possibilities. Yes, try and
see if you can find out which horse will win the race next week.
Astral Perception. Since the Astral plane is made up out of emotional
energy, you tend to percieve everything in an emotional way. Buildings
you find ugly can become unbearable to look at in the Astral plane.
Interesting anecdote: Vincent van Gogh, the famous painter, used to
drink for 'free' in a certain cafe in Paris. But suddenly, the cafe-
owner, refused to serve him any longer. They got into a serious fight,
and Vincent left the cafe in a rage. He then painted the interior of the
cafe as ugly as he could possibly make it, with disgusting browns, reds
and greens. This is a lot like seeing something you dislike in the Astral.
Reading something can be very hard. This has two reasons: 1. You don't
have your brain with you 2. You can only read what's emotionally impor-
tant to you. Talking can be done telepathically. Experiment with your
perception. How do you percieve the music you really like ? Can you
smell and taste food ? etc. etc. etc.

The Akashic records. This is an astral place where all the knowledge is
stored and can be studied. To go there, simple imagine a place of study,
learning, students, teachers and books, and you will most probably find
yourself back at the Akashic Records. You can ask for teachers, informa-
tion etc. You will only be able to learn what you can understand. Remember
the old saying: 'When the student is ready, the teacher is present.'
The Astral beings. There are a lot of these. First, there are the ele-
mentals. Salamanders (Fire), Undines (Water), Sylphs (Air) and Gnomes/
Elves (Earth). You can find them anyplace where their element is overly present Vulcanos, Rivers, Geysers, Mines, Cyclones etc.), but there's
usually one present in your own house.

Try to observe them closely. You may learn a lot of astral tricks from them,
like astral kissing. If you want to get involved with them closer, keep
one thing in mind: they are not particularly 'good' or 'evil', but
playful, and most of them have the emotional reactions of a little child.
This is fine of course, but they love imitating humans, and they can get
you in serious trouble without them realizing it.
Earthbound spirits. These are the spirits of dead people. No reason to be
afraid of them, they are just like most people around and usually very
frustrated. They pin themselves down on some reason to stay 'down here' and
not evolve to the upper levels. You may try to talk some reason into them
and thus help them.

Your astral guide.
(S)he's always with you, and (s)he can become a good
and warm personal friend to you. They are usually at the same intellectual/
emotional level as you are, and they know a great deal about you. You can
ask him/her to guard your body, or to come along with you.
There are numerous other astral beings. Angels, archangels etc. Going into
describing them takes a lot of pages more. Read about it! Ask around!
Thoughtforms: these can take on various shapes, from stunningly beautiful
crystalline formations to clouds of viscious energy. They are a good indi-
cator of what goes on in people minds and you can learn a great deal about
certain people by looking at their thoughtforms. Don't touch them! You have
no reason to destroy other peoples thoughts, and you may even take on the
negative thoughts of some people! Of course, you can make thoughtforms your-
self, through willed action. They can be anything you like, from a pet
familiar to a diamond castle!

Astral sex.
At last! Simply put: it is possible to 'melt' with another
astral being. What happens then, I leave for you to explore, but...
...it will rock your socks! Study the elementals to learn about this.
It's about the only thing they ever seem to do.
- You can show yourself to other people also while they're dreaming. You
can even 'shape' their dreams. This is frowned upon by some people, but
if you feel someone needs to 'think about something', this may be a decent
way to make sure that (s)he does.
Thoughtforms and Spellcasting. It's a good thing to perform the heavier/
lighter investigation on yourself (your own body). Thoughtforms will show
up that affect your life, and you can alter them. Ow ! Is there that memory
of the time you went swimming in the sea and lost your bathing outfit in
the water, so you had to walk back to your towel all naked ? Does it still
affect your life so you won't go swimming in the sea anymore ? Now is a
perfect opportunity to erase that thoughtform.
Spellcasting. When a magician casts a spell, (s)he makes an astral imprint
(=thoughtform) in order to change the course of his/her life. But it's
usually like drawing on a blackboard, blindfolded. When you're out there,
you can actually see what you're doing. The change it will bring about in
your life will be more radical, better. You can actually ask a higher
astral being to make the thoughtform for you. This is like being helped
by Rembrandt to shape your thoughtform. Before performing a change, how-
ever, always ask yourself these three questions: 1. Is this change really
necessary ? 2. How to do it in the best possible way 3. What are its
consequences ? This seems easy enough, but people have great difficulty
in living up to these rules (consider the environmental problems. Indus-
trial changes were made 1. When they weren't particularly necessary 2.
In completely the wrong way 3. without ever considering the consequences.
The net result: big trouble).
That's about it! But be patient. It may take many months, even years before
you fully master this art. Once you're an experienced traveller, you may
try to 'loosen up' on the rules. Try another diet, and see how it affects
your astral abbilities. And if you're a steel-nerved kinda person, try
projecting while being drunk! Only do this if you really know what you
can do and how to do it. Oh yes, I almost forgot...:

Take the following ingredients:

3 parts Sandalwood
3 parts Benzoin
1 part Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris, NOT Artemisia Absinthium!)
1 part Dittany of Crete

Dry the ingredients and grind them. You'll have to sand the
sandalwood into a granular dust. Grinding the Benzoin can be
quite hard, because it can get quite sticky, but practise
makes perfect. Then, slowly, thoughtfully, while thinking
about the purpose of this incense, mix the ingredients to-
gether, one by one. Think about astral projection. See your-
self fly. When ye're finished, keep the incense in a dark,
airtight jar, and keep this in a dark, cool, dry place. To
use it, put some sand in a heat-resistant pot, light a coal
(or better, incense coal: a little 'cup' made of coal, which
you can buy at a store for Church supplies) and put some of
the incense on it. If you're going to use it indoors, expe-
riment with how much smoke the incense will generate. It's
hard to relax while you're suffocating!

OK. That's all folks. Always remember to act sensibly, respectful and with
common sense. It keeps you out of trouble. And one final warning: regard
the Astral Plane as an enrichment of your life, not as a substitute.



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