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But whatever the case, the connections between the planets reflect the myths or plots (attitudes, beliefs and actions) that shape our lives and our journey....
Examples (gross oversimplifications)
of Moon Connection Myths:
Moon/Saturn - "the hungry, deprived child"
Moon/Uranus - "the abandoned child"
Moon/Neptune - "the lost child"
Moon/Pluto - "the violated child"
Of course,
No two people with a Moon/Saturn connection are going to play out the part (live out the myth) in exactly the same way.... however a typical underlying belief statement of someone with a Moon/Saturn connection might be something like:
"I'll never receive the emotional nurturing I need to survive. I'll always be disappointed and go away hungry...."
Hooray for Hollywood!
(I'm about to get myself in trouble. It's been a very l-o-n-g time since I had Literature 102 and Theatre 203.) Coming from a "Jungian" background, I've picked up the careless habit of throwing out phrases like:
"living out the myth."
I forget we've all been conditioned to think of a "myth" as being nothing more than a make-believe story. Fact is - though - that the old Greek myths get played out all the time in our regular world of "time and space" reality. So, I'm now experimenting with a brand new approach to this.
Hooray for Hollywood
Imagine you're a famous actor/actress, and your agent calls you up. He/she says you've just been offered the starring role in a brand new Steven Spielberg movie called:
The Revenge of Dr Z
For the sake of the example -- we're also pretending that you're a serious-minded thespian who wouldn't choose to star in a movie just because you'll be making some mega-bucks.)
So - after finding out how much money you're going to be making - what's one of the first things you're gonna wanna know about the movie?
"What's the movie about?" (Remember, you're a serious thespian.)
Your agent tells you it's about the "rise to fame and glory of an extremely talented astrologer!"

Sounds pretty good, you say - but you'd still like to take a look at the script...
Your agent hesitates for a second - and then explains that it's one of those "experimental, improvisational" pieces. The actors in each scene are given the "situations" and "possible outcomes" - and then the actors intuitively act out the "situations" without a written script or dialogue. (It's a Robin Williams kind of thing....)



Back to reality

Here's where I get into trouble (and it starts to get confusing). The natal (birth) chart is a lot like starring in this movie. The movie has a name, a main plot (and sub-plots), the main characters (and supporting roles), the dialogue between the actors, and the general situations with possible outcomes.
Remember, the dialogue is going to be improvisationally acted out. As the star of the movie - you've chosen a role to play. If someone like Sean Connery, for instance, had gotten the part - then he'd probably make a lot of acting "choices" that you wouldn't make.

One further leap

This is going to get a wee bit confusing - but consider the Planets in the chart to be a lot like the main characters (and supporting roles) in your movie.
Consider the Aspects in a chart to be a lot like the dialogue between the different actors. Then consider the 12 Zodiac Signs and 12 houses to be a lot like the plots, themes, and/or situations.
Planets - the characters
Aspects - the dialogue
Signs and Houses - the plots, themes, and situations
Some dialogue (aspects) between the actors (planets) will end up being more important than other parts of the dialogue (aspects). The most important and memorable moments of dialogue are what will win the actor (planet) an Oscar. Other parts of the dialogue will be barely noticed by the critics.
Remember the myths I mentioned a page back?
Examples (gross oversimplifications)
of Moon Connection Myths:
Moon/Saturn - "the hungry, deprived child"
Moon/Uranus - "the abandoned child"
Moon/Neptune - "the lost child"
Moon/Pluto - "the violated child"
Typical Moon/Saturn Dialogue:
Saturn: "Life can be very hard, cold, and cruel! This, my child, is the most important lesson I have to teach you."
Moon: "But Saturn, I'm just a young child. In order to feel safe and secure - I desperately need to feel the comfort of your nurturing parental warmth, love, and reassurance!"

Saturn: "You may think that, my child.... but I need you to understand that I was so harsh, cold, and distant while you were growing up - simply because I was protecting you from all the harsher realities of life. I didn't want you building up any false, "Pollyanna" expectations, or hopes from life."
Moon: "Saturn, I still don't understand your harsh ways - and, yet, I'm sure you're right. You are so very wise and experienced, and I am so young and know so very little.... I'm quite sure you're right... I'll never get what I need in order to feel emotionally nurtured, safe, and secure! I promise you, from this day forward, I'll learn to expect very little emotional satisfaction from life. That way I can never be disappointed..."

IV - The Houses
You might as well know up front that if you don’t know the exact time (i.e. 11:38 pm) of your birth, then you won’t be able to calculate your Ascendant (which in turn sets the stage for determining the 12 Houses).

If nothing else about the basics of astrology really manages to throw you a curve, then attempting to understand the 12 Houses should do the trick quite nicely.
And I truthfully don’t know what to do about that. Hey! Give me break... I'm good, but even I’m not a miracle worker.
Well Worth Learning, Though
But as difficult as it is to initially get a good grip on how the Houses work... the Houses are also quite interesting and more than worth your time and effort to understand.
Why? Because understanding the Houses is when you first discover you’ve got all 12 of the Zodiac signs contained in your birth chart.
Simply put: the Houses are the places where stuff happens. And so the 12 Houses map out the “general areas of life” where you’re naturally the most attracted to and focused on during this lifetime.
One way to think of the Houses is as the 12 different rooms of a mansion. There are certain places in your 12 room mansion that you'd naturally end up spending more time in than you would the others. Some folks might prefer spending most of their time in the living room, some in the dining room, and some would prefer hanging out in the den. (Of course, Elvis preferred hanging out in the Jungle Room.)

Celestial Holding Station

In her book Adventures of a Psychic, clairvoyant Sylvia Browne relates this concept regarding her particular "road map of reality":
According to Sylvia, prior to being born on planet Earth, we're sent to a celestial "holding station" where we sit down and decide on 7 general areas of our soon to be life on Earth. These 7 areas are: Love, Social Life, Family, Career, Health, Finance, and Spirituality.
The 12 houses of the astrological chart are similar in concept to Sylvia's 7 areas of life. The main difference being that astrology's "road map of reality" is saddled with 12 rather complex areas as opposed to Sylvia's road map which has only 7 areas. (By the way, astrology may have originally had only 8 houses, and then through the passage of time the number of houses was eventually expanded to the 12 houses we have today.)

The Shortcut

There’s a shortcut to understanding the themes of the 12 different Houses... The shortcut is that the themes of the 12 Houses are very similar to the energies of the

12 Zodiac signs.

Of course, to benefit from this shortcut, you first have to be familiar with the energies of the 12 Zodiac signs. So get familiar with the energies of the 12 Zodiac signs, and then learning the themes of the 12 Houses will be a cinch. Like any other shortcut, it's not exactly perfect... however, for our purposes, it's close enough.
The themes of 1st house are very similar to the energies of Aries. The themes of the 2nd house are very similar to the energies of Taurus. And so on and so on…. So if you get familiar with the energies of the 12 Zodiac signs, then the themes of the 12 Houses will make a whole lot more sense.
Aries 1st house
Taurus 2nd house
Gemini 3rd house
Cancer 4th house
Leo 5th house
Virgo 6th house
Libra 7th house
Scorpio 8th house
Sagittarius 9th house
Capricorn 10th house
Aquarius 11th house
Pisces 12th house

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