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Wicca and Life - Page 10

Use broken rakes for metal sculptures. (Winter Lark)
If the handle is broken, buy a wooden rod, attach it to the rake and reuse. (Marie)
Use the handle to support plants. (Marie)
Remove the handle, paint the rake, and hang it upside down in the garage to hang small gardening tools from. (Henning)

Trim with something interesting and then use the hole in the middle to put a picture of a family member, friend, etc. (EcoLily)
Hang them on a wall for a funky bedroom decoration. (Nadine)

Attach bike reflectors to sticks to mark the end of your driveway.
If you have a wooded area in your backyard, attach to trees for trail markers.

Cut the seal between the frame and the door and use for small magnets (the seal is magnetic). (Roy)
If it is broken, it can be used as an enclosed shelving system for the basement or garage. If it is still usable, give it to charity.

Remote Control
Let kids use as a zapper when playing.

Road Maps
Glue to a large piece of cardboard and then cut into a puzzle. This makes a good educational toy for children.
Place over an end table and laquer for an interesting finish. This can also be done on lamp shades. (Pat)

Rubber Bands
Tape or glue onto clothes hangers to keep clothes from slipping off. (Marie)



Keep by the workbench for use when you lose your tape measure.
If it is broken, use the pieces for small straight edges.

Use wooden ones for firewood (remove the metal strip).
Tie strings to it and use when making marionettes (those dancing puppet things).

Safety Pins
Use as zipper extenders for those hard to grasp zippers such as in jeans. (Lori)

School Supplies
Ask your child's teacher if (s)he has any need for them. (Mr. L)
Reuse anything you can next year.
See Colored Pencils
See Crayons
See Paper--Graph
See Gym Bags
See Locks (Combination/Key)
See Pencil Boxes
See Rulers
See Scissors

Keep in an arts and crafts box.
Keep in the glove compartment of your car for removing loose threads on your clothing when out.
Keep in the kitchen for opening bags or boxes.
Keep in the basement for cutting tags off of new clothing before throwing them into the washing machine.
Sharpen and reuse.

Use the square scooters kids use in gym class for moving garbage cans on garbage day. (Jon)
Attach two square scooters to ends of a piece of plywood or a toboggan to make a car creeper.
Put an oil pan on top of a scooter and slide it under the car for easy oil changes.

Shampoo Bottles
See Bottles--Shampoo.

Use for curtains when camping.
Cut into smaller pieces and use for rags.
Make into pillow cases.
Use as tarps for floors or furniture when painting.
Use as a picnic blanket or beach blanket.
Make flannel sheets into pajamas (some sewing skills required).
Cut into smaller pieces and use for packing away fragile items.
Use as ghost costumes for kids (does anyone do this anymore?)
Keep in the trunk of your car for transporting messy stuff.
Use as a cover for a pool table, exercise equipment, etc.

See Boxes--Shoeboxes

Save and use for anything you would use string for.
Store in your travel first aid kit and use for an emergency tourniquet.
Use as a covering for your home-made clothes hangers so you don't snag your clothing.
Wash. Tie the ends of the curly, stretchable type (that you don't need to tie), and use as a hair band. (KC)
Attach one end to your child's mittens and run the other end through the sleeve of their coat to prevent mitten loss. (KC)
Use as a ribbon on packages wrapped in homemade wrapping paper. (KC)
Carry a spare in your purse, car or gym bag in case you break one. (KC)
Use as an emergency belt for your child. Tie a couple together for an adult belt. (KC)
Use to hand ornaments from the Christmas tree. (KC)
Braid three or more together to make bracelets. (KC)
Attach to ceiling fans/lighting fixtures as a pull chain. (KC)
Use as curtain tie-backs. (KC)
College students can use to hang dorm room keys around their neck.
Use to tie plants to a plant support.
Use to hang a small birdfeeder from a tree.
Use as a replacement drawstring on hoods, sweatpants, etc.
Keep in camping gear in case rope on tent breaks.
String nuts and washers through for orderly storage.
Roll into a coil, secure with glue or thread and use as a coaster or a hot pad.

Wear old sneakers when washing cars, cutting the lawn, gardening, etc.
Save the buckles from sandals.
Wear old golf or baseball shoes (the kind with the spikes) when you are doing yard work to help aerate your lawn. (Henning)

Shoulder Pads
Sew to the inside of a bra to add a little padding. (Lynn)
Use for waxing your car.
Shovel Handles
Insert into the soil of a large potted plant and tie the plant to it for support. This is helpful for large plants which tend to droop.
Insert into the ground and tie small trees to it. This helps to prevent sagging, wind deformation, running over it with a lawnmower, etc.

Shower Curtain
Use as a tarp for grills, wood, etc.
Cover your table with the curtain while the kids are painting or playing with play-doh to make for easy clean-up.
Cut and make into a curtain for the bathroom window.
Line the trunk of your car with it when transporting dirty items.
Use to cover your outdoor plants when the weather drops to freezing. Make sure you put stakes in the ground to prevent the curtain from crushing your plants. (Shelley)
Use as a drop cloth or for covering furniture when painting. (Shelley)
Cut old shower curtains into large rectangles. With two clothes pins, secure one rectangle to the shoulder seams of your kids shirts while they are painting. (Vickie)
Punch extra holes with a paper hole puncher to replace ripped ones. (Lori)
Use as a childrens slip and slide toy when wet. (Lori)
Use as a drop cloth. (Lori)
Shower Curtain Rings (the really cheap metal kind)
Use to attach keys to your belt loops.
Use to attach a mug to your backpack.
Use to keep camping utensils together.

Shower Head
Let the kids use for a microphone.

Shrink Wrap
Use for stuffing pouf valences. (Gail)

Drill a hole at the end of the handle and make into a unique windchime. (Regan)
Attach several pieces together using a soldering gun and make into a neat candle holder. (Regan)

Use for the runners when making home-made sleds.
Remove the bindings from broken or old skiis and reuse or give away.

Ski Bag
Use as a duffle bag.
Use for transporting your tent, groundcloth, dining fly, tent poles, etc.

Ski Gloves
Use when shoveling or snowblowing (especially this winter!).

Ski Poles
Use as a wooden dowel.
Use as a plant support.
Use as a hiking stave (walking stick). (Garrick)

Use to lie on when working under your car. (Jon)
Use for emergencies in the snow. (Jon)
Use for temporary storage of greasy tools (it will keep your garage floor clean). (Peter)
Use as a "dropcloth" when changing your oil just in case you miss the oil pan. (Peter)
Inflatable snow saucers can be used in the pool in the summer. (Lisa)
Use for transporting fire-wood.

Sleeping Bags
Donate to the Boy/Girl Scouts.
Give to a homeless person.

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