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Duffle Bag
If it is strong enough, use to carry fire wood logs into the house.
Store out of season clothes in it and then slide it under the bed or in the closet.
Fill with emergency equipment (warm clothes, first aid, etc.) and keep in the trunk of your car.

Easter Baskets
Place a potted plant inside the easter basket and then place the basket on a shelf for display. It makes it a little prettier.
Use as a hairbow box. (Misty)
Decorate and use year after year. Just change the wrapping and ribbon (which can be recycled into a hair bow). (Lori)

Easter Eggs (Plastic)
Reuse next year. (Shelley)

Easter Grass
Reuse next year. (Shelley)
Use as packing when shipping something or sending a breakable gift. (Ms. Myriah)

Egg Cartons
Use cardboard ones as a charcoal fire starter. (Dave)
Use for potting flowers (inside) before moving them outdoors. (Jeannette)
Use to keep necklaces and bracelets separate.(Andrea)
Store earrings in the top of the carton to keep from losing them.
Cut off the top and use as a serving tray for cookies, chips, carrots, etc. (Marsha)
When serving chips on the lid of the carton, serve dip in the half with the egg indentations. (This works best when using the styrofoam cartons.) (Marsha)
Break up the styrofoam and use it as packaging material.
Wash a styrofoam carton VERY WELL and use for an ice cube tray. Keep the lids attached so that you can stack them.
Make into candy-filled eggs for Easter.
Store golf balls inside.



Electrical Wire
Strip the wire (without damaging the coating), then cut the coating into beads. (Dumpster Diva)
Use the thin colored wire instead of yarn when making gods eye. (Dumpster Diva)
Make the thin colored wire into jewelry by winding it several times to make colored springs. (Dumpster Diva)

Take envelopes which are sent by businesses (in the hopes that you will return them), place a label over the pre-printed address, write in a new address, and send it on its way.
Use for writing notes to family members. Don't recycle until it is completely filled. (Rae)
Use for storing receipts.
Use for storing or carrying coupons.
Use for writing grocery lists.

Erasers (chalkboard)
Remove cloth strips and glue to the ends of sliding doors to keep them from slamming against the wall.
Remove cloth strips and glue to the bottoms of doors/windows to minimize cold drafts.
Keep in the basement or garage for brushing off a workbench.
Use on dry-erase message boards.
Keep with waterproofing spray and use to clean dirt off of footwear before waterproofing them.

Eyeliner Pencil Sharpeners
Use for sharpening pencils or crayons. DO NOT reuse for your eyeliner.

Fabric Softener Sheets
Use as stuffing for stuffed animals and decorative pillows. (Liz)
Reuse in your sock or underwear drawer to keep your clothes smelling fresh. (Carie)
Place in front of an air vent. The heat from the vent releases the smell into the air. (Carie)
Tear the sheets in half before using in the dryer to reduce the number of sheets you use. (Carie)
Wrap around a few clothes hangers in the closet to keep your clothes smelling fresh.
Use to dust your house.
Place inside shoes at night to keep them smelling fresh.

Fast Food "Clam Shells"
Cut in half, poke holes in the bottom of one half, and use as a seed-starter for gardening. (Liz)

Film Canisters
Storage of thumbtacks, rubber bands, paper clips, etc.
Fill with quarters. Put in your child's backpack for emergency phone calls.
Use for mixing small portions of paint.
Fill with suntan lotion and carry with you when hiking. (Rae)
Fill with aspirin and keep in your backpack or purse.
Fill with shampoo, soap or lotion. (Courtney & Christina)
Fill with water or sand as a souvenier from a vacation. (Courtney & Christina)
Fill with household odds and ends (such as nuts, bolts, etc.) and store them in an old purse. (Gail)
Use for storage of seeds. (Christine)
Put a few loose buttons or beads inside and use as a cat toy. (Amy)

Film Negatives
Use to make original bows. (MoonBelly)

Remove the batteries from the body and use to store valuables. (Henning)

Floppy Disks
Use corrupted disks (or disks sent to you in the mail which you don't want) as drink coasters. (Andy)
Use the disks that come in the mail as blank diskettes after deleting the useless files. (G. Rabenold)

Flower Pots
Flower Pots--Small/Medium
Fill partially with sand and use as an outdoor ash tray.
Use when placing flowers at a cemetary so that good ones are not vandalized or lost.
Use small, plastic pots as scoops for pet food or potting soil.
Use for making sand castles or snow forts.
Use for storage of change on a dresser.
Use small pots as fruit-picking baskets.
Use "tree-size" pots for storage of pet toys (or childrens toys).
Keep a small pot by the dryer to collect lint.
Use a medium size pot for storage of fruits and vegetables on the counter top.
Use a small pot as a candy jar.
Paint different colors and use to decorate around a garden. (Edie)
Flower Pots--"Tree Size"
Use "tree-size" pots for storage of rags in the basement.
Use "tree-size" pots for collecting leaves, weeds, etc. while working in the yard.
Take lined "tree-size" pots with you when going fruit picking. Instead of taking the small baskets provided home with you, dump the fruit into the flower pot and return the fruit baskets to the farm owner.
Use "tree-size" pots for storage of apples, oranges, potatos, etc. in the house.
Use "tree-size" pots for storage of gardening tools.
Foam Fingers (from sports events)
Use for washing cars. Make sure that there is no paint, etc. on the foam which will scratch the paint on your car. (Jon)
Cut up and use for sponges around the house.

Foil Trays
Wash and use for baking brownies (or anything else).
Use when feeding your puppies leftovers.
Line festively, fill with holiday cookies and give as gifts.

Put vegetable and fruit scraps aswell as other compostable materials into a compost bin. Makes great compost.

Use for playing frisbee with the puppies.
Give to dogs for a chew toy.
Take when backpacking and use as a plate/frisbee--just make sure you don't send it sailing over a cliff or you'll be eating out of the pan!

Garbage Cans (small/indoor)
Relocate to the basement or garage.
Use it as a recycling bin next to a desk.
Use as a small toy box for balls, dolls, etc.
Keep in backyard LINED and COVERED TIGHTLY and use for storage of pet droppings until garbage day.
Use as a larger flower pot.
Use for storage of potting soil.

Garden Hose
Poke holes throughout the length of the hose and make it into a soaker hose.
Make into an outdoor extension cord protector by slitting the hose along its length and pushing the extension cord inside.
Poke holes throughout the length and make into a sprinkler for kids. (Kelly)
Cut into smaller sections and attach to the thin, metal handles on buckets to make it more comfortable to carry. (Kelly)
Cut a small section off, clean it, and use as a funky napkin ring. (Kelly)
Cut a small section off, clean it, and use it as a sturdy key chain. (Kelly)
Use to tie up a young tree for support. (Sweet Chickie)
Use it to make a martian costume for Halloween. (Nadine)
Use under a skirt for a crinoline. (Nadine)

Glass Cleaner Bottles
See Bottles--Household.

Take out the lenses and use for Halloween costumes.
Have your optometrist make them into sunglasses.
Save the screws in case you lose them from your current glasses. (Although dabbing clear nail polish on the screws will prevent them from falling out.)
Save old ones and use them when doing messy work (like painting the house).
Donate to an organization which takes old eyeglasses and puts new lenses in for people who cannot afford to buy new pairs. (Jen)

Glasses Case
Use as a pocket protector.
Use for storing a few special pens on a desktop, beside the bed, etc.
Use as a protective case for your cellular phone. (LoisMIT)

Graph Paper
See Paper--Graph

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