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Greeting Cards
Use as bookmarks. (YN Long)
Reuse old cards with some strategic editing.
Make into an ornament. (Jon)
Make into gift tags by cutting an old card with pinking shears, punching a hole in the corner, and tying the pieces together. Add the name and a note inside. (Grandma)
Cut off the side with the picture (if there is no writing on the reverse side) and reuse as a post card. Pay only postcard postage! (Glamour Gal)

Grill Brush
Use for cleaning tire rims, mudflaps and running boards when washing your car.
Use on painted surfaces, such as folk art projects, to give the surface a rustic look. (Lori)

Gym Bags
Use for storage of sports gear (pads, uniforms, etc.)
Use for neat storage of infrequently used shoes.

Transfer to your camping gear.
Give to your kids for when they are playing with their dolls.
Remove some of the bristles (depending upon the kind) and use for a pet brush.
Keep in the basement or garage for removing dirt from jeans or sneakers so it doesn't become mud in the washing machine.
Use for scrubbing larger tools.
Use for scrubbing garbage cans/buckets.

Cut off electrical cord and let kids use for Dress-Up. (Regan)
Let children use as a space laser. (Regan)
Hairspray Bottles
See Bottles--Hairspray



Halloween Costumes
Donate to charity for another person to use. (Regan)
Save and let children use for Dress-Up. (Regan)
Donate to schools as props/costumes for school plays. (Regan)

Handcream Bottles
See Bottles--Handcream

Hockey Pucks
Use as a diving toy for a pool.
Use as a paper weight.

Hockey Sticks
Use as a plant support. (Shelley)
Paint brightly and use for marking your driveway in the winter.
Tie an old cloth to the handle, leaving some cloth hang free. Rip the cloth lengthwise, and use it as a web beater for getting spiders out of the corners of your house. (Gail)
Hooks (plastic, candycane-shaped hooks which socks hang on in stores)
Use for hanging Christmas ornaments on the tree.
Use for keeping similar buttons together by attaching them to the hook using a twistie and keeping in a box. This will make for easy location.
Use it as a unique key chain.
Attach to the end of a ball of yarn for easy location of the end piece.
Use for hanging decorative pot holders on the wall.
Paint as candy canes and hang on the Christmas tree.
Use for hanging a gear-loft inside a tent.
Use to hang the homemade pseudo-sixties chains from your doorway.
Hooks (plastic, "Z"-shaped ones which dress socks hang on in stores)
Hang individual ties within the "Z". Then hang each of the Z-hooks from a regular clothes hanger for a unique tie-hanger.

Iced Tea Containers
Storage of nuts, bolts, screws. Keep the lids on them and they are easy to stack on shelves.

Cut to the width you need and use as rubber bands for very large items.
Use as patching material for punctured inner tubes.
Cut the inner-tube so it is no longer in a circle. Cut off the valve and then drop a chain through the tube. This will keep the chain from clanking.

Jars--Baby Food/Boullion
Use for storage of nuts, bolts, etc. (G. Rabenold)
Make them into musical instruments for your children by placing a few dried beans, pasta, rice, coins, etc. inside the jar after removing the label. (Put a few drops of glue on the rim of the jar to glue the lid on.) (Christina-Marie)
Keep on the top of your dresser and use for orderly storage of change when cleaning out your pockets at night.
Keep on desk for storing paper clips, rubberbands, etc.
Use for starting plants indoors.
Insert a wick and fill with wax to make your own candle. Decorate the outside to match the decor of the room.
Use for storing excess seeds. (Ray)
Decorate the lid and jar with fabric paints, lace, sequins, etc. Fill with candy, bath salts, a candle, etc and give as gifts. (Lori)

Use for storing extra spaghetti sauce which comes from a can.
Use larger jars for storing homemade soups.
Use the lids from peanut butter jars as coasters.
Drink from smaller glass jars.
Use peanut butter or mayonnaise jars to store homemade cookies in the freezer. They will be protected from breakage and easily visible. (Frugel)
Store your razor in a small, covered jar emersed in alcohol to prevent oxidization of the blade. It will stay sharp longer. (Frugel)
Use spaghetti jars to can tomatoes and other vegetables. The standard canning lids and rings fit perfectly. (Lori)

See Clothes Jeans

Jello Boxes
See Boxes--Food

Give to kids for p laying dress-up. (Jeanne)
Use old earrings for tacking messages to a cork board.
Save clasps from broken necklaces and bracelets.
Save earring backings in case you lose any.
If a necklace is beaded, cut the beads loose and let kids collect to make their own jewelry. (Jeanne)
Save the pins from watch bands in case you lose or break one.
Give watches which no longer work to children so they can play dress up.

Juice Cans
Use as a pen and pencil holder.
Use for potting plants indoors.
Use as a scoop for pet food.
Cut to make it shorter and use as a scoop for sugar, flour, pasta, etc. (Keep in the container for easy access).

Using string, attach several to a coffee can, making a unique windchime.
Place in the bottom hem of your curtains to keep them hanging straight.
Use to open boxes which have been taped shut (its safer than a razor blade).
Paint to match the decor of a room and then attach to the end of a pull chain (ceiling fan, lamp) for a funky decoration.
Give to kids so they can dip it in paint and use it as a stamp for making art.

Key Chain
Attach a chain and hoop to a small stuffed animal (or other favorite knick-knack) and make your own personalized key chain.

Key Chain Rings
Link together into a chain and use for decorations on a Christmas tree. Weave colored material through it to make more festive.
Attach to zippers on bags, children's jackets, etc. for easy use.
Link together to make a decorative hammock for stuffed animals.
Link together and make into a pull chain for lights, ceiling fans, etc.
Use to replace broken rings on certain types of tents.

Knee Pads
Put on volleyball knee pads when waxing floors, gardening, bodywork on car, roofing, etc.
Use the stuffing to refill stuffed animals or pillows which have lost fluffiness. (Jon)

Use undesirable Kool-Aid to dye your hair. (Kady)
Use it to scrub limescale out of a sink or tub. (Eric)

Make a wooden ladder into a floor-to-ceiling bathroom towel rack by washing, sanding, varnishing and installing. You may need to adjust the height or rung-spacing of the ladder.

Laundry Baskets
Use as a recycling basket for curbside pickup.
Use when picking apples, pears, etc.
Use for gathering leaves in the fall.
Line with a blanket and use as a pet's bed.
Use to store children's toys in a closet.
Keep in the trunk of your car to keep groceries together.
Use for storing old rags or rugs.
Use when pulling weeds. (Ray)

Take the wheels off and use for a go-cart for your kids. (Unknown)
Donate the engine to a school for kids to work on. (Unknown)

Paint, attach a hook to the bottom and use as Christmas decorations. (Marie)

Lint (from the dryer)
Use for a firestarter when camping.
Use around the base of your indoor plants to conserve moisture loss. (Christine)

Lip Balm Tubes
Stuff the caps (usually a screw-top) with clay or silly-putty and stick on the edges of metal shelving for protection from jagged edges.
Use to carry bandaids. (Tonya)
Use to carry matches. (Tonya)
Use to carry a small sewing kit consisting of thread or dental floss wrapped around cardboard, and a needle with a little piece of eraser on the end. (Tonya)

Lipstick Tubes
Scrape out the lipstick which is left in the bottom of all of your tubes. Combine into your own unique shade of lipstick. (EcoLily)

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