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Celtic Tree and Animal Astrology


Beth-The Birch

December 24 - January 20


Rock Crystal -
This is a naturally occuring substance with the ability to make invisible light visible through refraction.Alchemists in medeival Europe thought that if it was cut in a certain way and put in sunlight it could make anything invisible. The Druids were said to have used rock crystal to make themselves invisible so that they could travel undetected. Aborigines use the crystal as a protection amulet. If held in both hands it can induce serenity and peace of mind.

The Stag -
The stag of ancient times was considered a royal animal. It was a guardian of the gateway between the worlds. It is a symbol of the metamorphic process of spiritual growth.

The Golden Eagle -
This was also a symbol of the soul signifying resurrection and rebirth. It also symbolizes metamorphosis or the change of spirituality on all levels.

The Common Daisy -
The daisy is a symbol of innocence and fidelity. The healing power of the yarrow and daisy were often used by the Druids.

The Birch Tree -
The birch tree is referred to as the "Lady of the Woods" for it's grace and beauty. Despite it's beauty it is hardier than even the mighty oak! In the Celtic culture, the birch tree had uses continually throughout the year, therefore the tree symbolized constancy and the continuity of the cycle of life.



The Birch sign holds the seeds of all potential life. These are patient people who direct thier energy ambitiously. Everything they do is to attain a specific goal. Personal limitations are not readily accepted by Birch people and tend to make them even more determined to reach thier goal! They are often the most successful members of a family but tend not to flaunt thier success. Because of thier drive and ambition they may become cynical or pessimistic. They thrive best under a well regimined lifestyle and can tend to be workaholics. They are physically and mentally resistant to all things but can become a bit too regimented in thier health routines, almost to the point of hurting themselves by working too hard to be healthy! Thier sense of humor tends to be rather droll and can be misunderstood by some and have others falling off thier chairs. Successful marriages for Birch tree people often occur later in life. It is often difficult for them to find someone who fits into thier strict routine!!


Famous Birches
Pasteur, Richard Nixon, Jim Carrey, Mel Gibson, Marilyn Manson, Howard Stern, Minnie Driver
January 21 - February 17


Symbols associated with this sign

The Peridot -
The peridot is one of the oldest known stomes. It was regarded as a powerful magic stone by all ancient peoples. The wiccans and Babylonians used it as a protection amulet against evil. The Greeks used it in headbands in order to tell the future. The Druids stitched these stones into thier robes for protection.

The Dragon -
The Dragon represents the supernatural forces that guard the great secrets and treasures of the universe.
The Snowdrop - The first wildflower of the year is the snowdrop.

The Rowan Tree -
The rowan is sometimes called the "whispering tree". Ancient legend says that it has secrets to tell those who would but listen. It has always been associated with protection against evil.
Planet - Uranus


The most prominent aspect of the Rowan individual is thier individuality. They hate conformity! Rowans have visionary minds and are great humanitarians. They tend to be rather self-contained people but speak out with authority when pushed to it or when the issue is one they find important. They have a cool outer temperament but sizzling inner beliefs. They hate bigotry and ignorance. They are natural born leaders but because they often take up unpoular causes, they sometimes have few followers! They are kind,thoughtful people, but have problems following another which leads to authority issues. Personally though they make excellent listeners and are respectful of the opinions of others. Since they are rather unconventional in thier approach to life, they can tend to be a little tackless and can alienate people in that way. They can also tend to antagonize through debate and escalate a situation out of proportion. Careerwise, rowans are naturally drawn to modern technology with an overwhelming desire to reorganize and improve on anything that is outdated. They make sympathetic bosses but would rather not take responsibility for others. They often have diverse interests and tinker with everything. They are extremely inventive people! Thier sense of humor tends to be on the odd side. They have a tendency to laugh at serious issues in life and this can alienate people. They are very drawn to science fiction and UFOs. Thier unpredictability is a weak point in relationships. They are determined in love but can be rather unromantic. They will usually marry later in life because they are loathe to give up thier personal freedoms. They have to find just the right person, someone who understands this! They are supportive parents but will expect a great deal of independance from thier children.

Rowan Celebrities
Charles Darwin, Charles Lindbergh, Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, Garth Brooks, Natalie Imbruglia, Sarah MacLachlan, Jerry Springer, Michael Jordan
February 18 - March 17


Symbols associated with the Ash sign
Gemstone - Coral
Animal - Black and white gull or common tern
Deity - Lir
Flower - Wood Anemone
Tree - Ash
Planet - Neptune



Ash people have a duality to their nature. On one side they are atistic and appear vulnerable, on the other they are quite pragmatic. They posses a great deal of compassion and understand the baser elements of man as well as the more spiritual. Thier compassion also extends into the animal kingdom. They have an innate ability to relieve the suffering of others both by practical nursing and by the power of prayer. Thier faith is often not orthodox in teh religious sense but they are highly intuitive and often have a strong deeper sense of spiritual matters. They are highly adaptable people and despite thier frail appearance can recover from almost any emotional blow. On the more negative side, they often have trouble handling the more mundane practicalities of everyday living. They are also too easil influenced by others. They are often low on self confidence and have a tendency towards isolating themselves from others. They have a creative genius for making money but often fail to carry things to completion. They require careful direction as children in order to learn to use these talents to thier fullest. Ash people tend to have a rather mystical quality about them and are drawn to fantasy worlds. They love the theater and movies. They are usually attracted to the ocean or any other body of water either with great fascination or great fear. There is no in-between when it comes to thier feelings about water. Thier carrer choice should never involve too strict a routine. The arts are a good choice but because of thier compassionate nature they are often attracted to the medical field. They are also good at organizing charity functions. They are very gentle people and are easily hurt, yet they are well able to cope with the negative as well as the positive. They are kind and considerate friends although they are sometimes lost in a fog. Ash people are great lovers and caring parents. They are romantics and dreamers and often seem to have one foot in the land of the Sidhe.

Ash Celebrities
Albert Einstien, George Washington, Jane Austin, Michelangelo, Drew Barrymore and John Travola
March 18 - April 14

Gemstone - Ruby
Season/Holiday - Vernal Equinox
Diety - Bran
Animal - Hunting Falcon
Flower - Broom
Tree - Alder
Planet - Mars


Alders are powerful individuals prepared to make thier way in the world. They are eager to go off and make thier own way and often leave friends and family behind. They have a great deal of courage. They are wonderful allies to have on your side but prefer to fight thier own battles. They have a restless spirit. Sometimes thier sense of adventure can be even foolhardy in thier pursuits. They break down barriers and explore new territory. Thier enthusiasm and courage makes them good leaders. They can tend to be selfish in their pursuits and have a quick temper which can make enemies. They have a well honed sense of humor and often play the clown in groups. They are extremely physical people and are full of energy. They have a need to be active almost around the clock. They are wonderful entrepeneurs and are often flamboyant. Dangerous occupationas suit them best. In friendship thier personal ego rides high but they have a deep need for recognition that can make them vulnerable. They make great competitors but if they don't win, they tend to quit and try something new instead. If they can be convinced to channel thier energy into humanitarian pursuits, they can be the kind of person not easily forgotten! Psychologically they are uncomplicated and tend to express thier opinions openly. They have a passionate nature and a deep need for love. They have a tendency to marry quickly and make better lovers than spouses. They make excellent parents.

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