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Celtic Tree and Animal Astrology - Page 2


Alder Celebrities
Mata Hari, Houdini, Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eddie Murphy, Rosie O'Donnel and William Shatner
April 15 - May 12

Gemstone - Moonstone
sabbath/Holiday - Beltane
Flower - Primrose
Additional Symbol - Colored eggs
Animal - Serpent
Tree - Willow
Planet - Moon


Willow people are full of the mysteries of life which makes them difficult to get to know. Their psychic antennae are always switched on. They have extraordinary memories. They are extremely eloquent in explaining the mysteries of life. They act intuitively in almost all situations and are very resourceful. They can be a powerful friend but are a horrible enemy! They have a passive kind of tenacity about them, they make wise parents and counselors. They tend to be very maternal and therefore are protective of loved ones. They are prone to sudden mood changes and they have a reluctance to forgive and forget which can cause permanent rifts with friends and family. They are usually employed in very responsible jobs. They make excellent teachers. They seldom express a controversial opinion in public but they have very strong opinions in private. Willows tend to over worry about health matters and may be hyperchondriacs. Their imagination has a tendency to work overtime. They have a deep interest in family loyalty and history and are often genealogists. Mother figures usually dominate and influence them throughout thier lives. Once they are married, they become completely devoted to thier spouse and children.



Willow Celebrities
Karl Marx, Leonardo da Vinci, Charlotte Bronte, William Shakespeare, George Clooney, Conan O'Brien, Jerry Seinfeld, Uma Thurman and Jewel
May 13 - June 09

Gemstone - topaz
Flower - Wood Sorrel
Tree - Hawthorn
Planet - Vulcan
Deity - Govannan (the smith god)


Hawthorn people are charasmatic, creative and full of new ideas. They are multi-talented and adaptable. They often do well in the performing arts. They have a gift for influencing others but are also sympathetic. They are lively and spontaneous people and are good communicators. They have wonderful self confidence and makegreat leaders. They are also adept at inspiring others. They are honest and sincere friends as thier natural sympathy make them good listeners. They unfortunatly have a volatile temper and can show bursts of anger. They are also adept at devising brilliant plans and schemes. Thier biggest strength is thier ability to know the weaknesses of thier enemies. They are however not ruthless people. Hawthorn people are often participants in a variety of sporting activities. They have a sharp sense of humor that is full fo innuendo. This talent often attracts them to writing and journalism. Public media draws them due to thier wonderful communication skills. If they can keep still long enough, they make sensual lovers. They however tend to be difficult to pin down in a permanent relationship. They make excellent parents who cannot be fooled by clever kids. They lead a colorful and exciting lifestyle. They tend to try a little bit of everything and often appear ageless.

Hawthorn Celebrities
Marilyn Monroe, Lawrence Olivier, John Kennedy, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Florence Nightingale, Queen Victoria, Bobcat Goldthwait, Liam Neeson, Brooke Shields and Bob Dylan
June 10 - July 7

Gemstone - Diamond
Flower - Coltsfoot
Animal - White Horse
Tree - Oak
Planet - Jupiter
Deity - Janus


Oak people are enterprising individuals with a refreshing breadth of vision. They also have a keen sense of humor that can make the best of a difficult situation. They are optimists and can speak the truth in all situations. They tend to have a lack of discretion and take financial risks. They are however natural leaders. They are magnetic people with a great deal of integrity. They are deeply philisophical and make generous friends. They are prone to exagerrate and tend to be vain and can at times be blindly optimistic. Oak people are drawn to demanding professions. They often hold positions of power but they have an innate sense of fair play. They enjoy the confrontations in life and make formidable enemies. They can tend to be naive in the way they put trust in others. They attract powerful friendships but can be lack in checking the backgrounds of friends. They can become victims in love because of thier trusting natures. They can sometimes set standards in love that are too difficult to live up to. They are very vulnerable in love. They put great importance in moral issues.

Oak Celebrities
Tim Allen, Courtney Cox, Tom Cruise, Helen Hunt and Princess Diana
July 08 - August 04

Gemstone - Red Carnelian
sabbath - Lammas
Flower - Meadowsweet
Tree - The Holly Tree
Planet - Earth
Deity - Danu


Holly people exhibit a large amount of personal integrity and tend to influence things a great deal but often behind the scenes. Their word is literally their bond and honor is their guiding principle. Their weakest point is their sensitivity to personal criticism.Their need for constant affection and attention can make them demanding in a close relationship. They can also sometimes exhibit a miserly attitude. They tend to be attracted to banking and insurance. They tend to be strong willed affectionate and trustworthy friends with a great amount of physical endurance. They are very down-to-earth people and usually have a great deal of spiritual contentment. They also tend to be great collectors of artifacts and they have an eye for good deals. They are very affectionate lovers and spouses although they can lean toward over protectiveness! They are not inclined to wander and often marry childhood sweethearts. They are discreet lovers which makes them rather mysterious. They are tolerant and very supportive spouses. They sometimes appear to be lacking in a sense of humor because they don't like any humor that is at the expense of others. They can also tend to be a bit reclusive. The truth in this is that they require a quiet place all thier own to take respite from the huge responsibilities they usually place upon themselves.

Holly Celebrities
Henry Ford, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Harrison Ford, Martha Stewart, Patrick Stewart
August 05 - September 01

Gemstone - Amethyst
Animal - The Stalking Crane
Alternate Animal - Salmon
FLower - Vervain
Tree - Hazel
Planet - Mercury


Hazel people are the mediators of our society. They are keen observers of the truth around them. They are accumulaters of information and can judge an entire situation in an instant. They are perceptive and clever people and are great planners and organizers. They make wonderful scholars. They can tend to be hypercritical and cynical and at times thier inquisitiveness can be prying. They also lean towards paranoia at times and can have a tendency towards lack of self worth. They have a great deal of nervous energy that needs to be constantly channeled. It is more a mental and emotional nervous energy for Hazel people, than physical. They dislike pretense and false values. They are prone to sudden headaches and migraines if their mental energy does not have aproper channel or outlet. They have an artisitc flair that has a need to be used for practical matters, hence they will create beautiful things with practical uses. They hate waste of any kind. They are very rational people and tend to see life very clearly, sometimes too clearly. They are honest and caring lovers but may be inclined to overindulge children and spouses.


Hazel Celebrities
Lawrence of Arabia, Tennyson, Goethe, Napoleon, Madonna, Tori Amos, Antonio Banderas, Bill CLinton, Ginger Spice, Robert DeNiro
September 02 - September 29

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