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Wiccan Crystal Correspondences

A crystal is a body that is formed by the solidification of a chemical element, a compound, or a mixture of them, and has a regularly repeating internal arrangement of its atoms and often external plane faces. But it's more than that. A crystal is one of the many bounties of the Earth's crust. They are a powerful tool and correspond directly to the element of Earth, but also the Air, Fire and Water. Each crystal has it's own vibration and thus each vibration corresponds to a correspondences such as healing, protection, relaxation etc. Because each crystal does have a vibration, a larger crystal is not any more powerful than a smaller one. A larger one might look better, but not everyone has the means for such a thing.

Several crystals have the same correspondences, but, to chose which one you want you must first have a look at all those crystals without touching them. See which one has an effect on you. Now, when the crystal has been chosen, or when the crystal has chosen you, you must individually have a look at the crystals, Separate the ones which you like from the ones you don't like just by having a look at them. Then, pick up each crystal in you receptive hand, opposite to the powerhand, so if you are right handed it's your left hand, and close your hand into a gentle fist. Feel the crystals pulse, it should be like a gentle drum rhythm, it could be very fast, or slow. You will feel wether the crystal is right for you, or not. The crystals vibration will complement yours and act like a 'lock and key' to your aura in the sense that they will blend. The crystal will let you know if it is not for you.

A newly bought crystal should be cleansed. This could be as long as a whole moon phase, with elemental cleansings, or just a simple mental cleansing. Before buying that particular crystal, it would have been touched my many people, and been next to many people who might have been upset, angry, sad etc. So this may effect you. To cleanse, it could simply be a dip in salty water, being buried over night in the ground, gone through crystal cleansing incense (or frankincense, sandalwood or just about anything for that matter, maybe even a herbal blend for the crystals purpose), being placed on a bed of quartz crystal, being passed through a flame, fairly quickly, being brushed with a feather, being placed overnight in moon light, or sunlight. Be careful because some crystals fade or lose color from being held in the sun, some even disolve in water, or may react with the candle flame, so be careful.



Here is a cleansing incense, created with a friend:

Incense to cleanse and consecrate ritual jewellery:

2 parts wood aloe
1 part mace (the outside covering of nutmeg)
1 part gum arabic
1 part benzoin

Grind the ingredients together and burn in a censer or an earthenware saucer. Pass crystals and jewellery through the smoke several times visualising the fumes purifying the object. Best performed outside for the practical fact of smoke alarms.

And another one, with the same person:


Incense to cleanse and consecrate crystals

Crystal Purification Incense
2 parts Frankincense
2 parts Copal
1 part Sandalwood
1 part Rosemary
1 pinch finely powdered Salt
1 sm. purified Quartz Crystal point

To use, pour a bit of the incense (leaving the crystal in the jar) onto charcoal. Smolder, and pass the crystals to be purified through the smoke, visualizing the smoke wafting away the stone's impurities. This incense can be used in conjunction with other recommended purifying rituals, or in place of them.


Once cleansed, the crystal should be 'programmed' or charged. To do this, hold the crystal in your projective hand (for all intensive purposes its the hand you write with) and focus on the need, be it healing, relaxing, and so on. Your vibration should bond further with the crystal, which bonded with you when you bought it. Soon you may feel the crystal remember the vibration of the healing energy, relaxing energy etc. This means it has been successfully charged.


The mere fact that crystals are placed in an environment suggests to the subconscious mind that healing, on some subliminal
level, has already begun. When crystals are placed in a room, they will automatically charge that area with energy. They will
also absorb and ionize that energy in the area which is negative. The clearing, focusing, radiating beauty aspects of a crystal, work regardless if someone is aware of these traits or not. These are the amazing elements of a crystal's power. To disperse this energy outward is one of its true gifts. It is even more astonishing when we are aware of it!


Crystal Pouches are one of the most interesting and oldest remedies. Usually a perscription of 2 - 4 crystals, these complementary stones are carried or worn on the person or placed in a certain area. This perscription can be used for anything from healing to psychic awareness, healing an emotional wound as in
discouragement or sorrow, or bringing about such aspects as love, money, protection, guidance, spiritual attunment, strenght or even addiction.
The"combination" of crystals work together and can be carried in your pocket, purse or bag, placed in a room or under your pillow or taken any place that
you need more energy! Remember: these are tools for attunement and
may allow you to see many truths. It is up to you to pay attention.


Stones are rocks with shapes and you can use them for any ritual. The following is a list of stone shapes and how the shape of a crystal can influence its properties, enhance, or diminish them.

Holey Stones :

Stones with natural ( caused by the elements not man) holes are considered extremely magical. Protective in nature they are a symbolic of the Mother of Creation. Looking through the hole in the moonlight, and you may see visions, ghosts, and other nonphysical entities.

Diamond Shaped Stones :

Diamond shaped stones remind of the precious gem , and therefore are attributed with attracting riches.

Pyramid Shaped Stones:

Concentrate and release energies up through the tip. Placing a dollar bill under the stone and visualizing the moneys energy flow up and through the stone to bring you prosperity.

Body Part Shaped Stones:

Stones that resemble body parts are used to heal or strengthen that part of the body it resembles.

L shaped stones:

Stones that have an L shape are used to bring good fortune.

Triangular Shaped Stones :

Stones that have a triangular shape are said to be protective and are worn or carried for this purpose.

Heart Shaped Stones:

Heart shaped stones as you might have guessed are used to bring love to the person wearing the stone. They also are used for keeping the relationship you are in true. And can be used to bring a self love .

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