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Wiccan Herb, Oil and Crystal Correspondances - Page 5

*Chant the following: I alone will break your bone, you can no longer harm me,The harm you have done will return to you, as sure as the sky turns blue.

**As it burns repeat the following over & over: "I burn thee, I curse thee" . This should cause an enemy much despair & heartache by the next waning moon.

***Put a picture of St. Peter at the front door & a picture of St. Michael at the back door with a bag of Grains of Paradise behind each .

+Fill black voodoo doll with knotweed and any of the enemies possessions. On parchment write the name of the enemy & pin to the doll. Sprinkle the doll with Destructor oil and then nail the doll to a tree in the cemetary. While hammering the doll repeat over & over "I beat you, I break you, I curse you" then don’t look back as you leave.

++Place the herb on the picture of the one you want and seal it in a box. bury the box beside your front door.

+++Mix with 4 thieves vinegar & sprinkle on the doorsteps of the couple. Discord will prevail and they may even become bitter enemies. To help a bad marriage, place a jar of Lemon Verbena mixed with Peaceful Home powder & place behind wedding pictures ass well as sprinkling around the house.

:-( Sorry guys..this one’s far too heavy-duty to include here . In the wrong hands it could be truly disasterous.



~*M Through To Z*~

-In earlier times this was thought a very powerful love herb. Still used in some reuniting rituals

Maiden Hair Fern-
Brings beauty & love into your life(represents Venus, the goddess of Love)

Carry in a red flannel bag to draw love from the opposite sex. Burn as incense in black magic spells

Used as a hand wash for good luck in bingo & lotto,keep tickets with a packet of the herb

Prized as a charm against witchcraft, place in each room of dwelling & renew monthly

Magnolia- S
ew into a mates pillow to ensure faithfulness

Used with love sachets to attract, bathe in tea for 5 days to find ‘Mr. Right”

for a person who is sad or grieving,bathe them in this for 7 days

Master of the Woods-
A man carries this to have control over his woman

Burn as an incense to cleanse your tools or voodoo room,us in purification baths

Made into a tea & bathed in it for love drawing

Keep some in a jar by the family pictures to keep them safe

Burn as an incense while crystal gazing to increase psychic visions & ability

Used as an incense in black magic to dume(doom) an enemy

Mustard Seed (Red)-
Sprinkle in & around the home to ward off burglers

Mustard Seed(Yellow)-
A symbol of faith followed by success, One of the oldest good luck amulets

Burn on the altar before performing any ritual, for success, a good incense to clear your home

Inhaling the warm vapors of a myrtle infusion is said to clear head pains caused by severe colds,also
used as a love herb

For removing curses & hexes,mix with Jinx removing powder & sprinkle in each room &

Make a hole in the nutmeg, fill with quicksilver, seal hole with wax,carry in red flannel bag for best
gambling luck

The most royal of all trees,burn with mistletoe to remove spirits from businesses

Use the leaves or flowers for love rituals, very good to bring on a proposal

Oregon Grape Root-
Carry in green flannel bag with money drawing powder for money & popularity

Mix with Stay Away powder to repel in-laws,with Law Stay Away to repel law

Orris Root-
Cast a love spell by dusting it on the clothes of the opposite sex & wear for attraction

Palo Azul-
Very powerful,make into a tea and use to remove any jinx or hex

Palo Santo-
Used when you feel you have been cursed,Rub this herb on your body then bathe

Papaya leaves-
Mix with Mandrake root and burn or bathe for spell reversal or jinx

Mix with jasmine & carry in your shoe to make you more attractive to opposite sex

Passion Flower-
Brew into a tea & bathe in for 5 days to attract opposite sex

Used in money & love rituals,incites lust,use in any ritual where graveyard dirt is required

Peach Tree-
Mix the leaves with Concentration & Success oil to help pass tests

Carry while traveling by water & never know the pangs of sea sickness

For protection againts any evil or to cure lunacy

Peppercorns Black-
Can be used to cast evil to someone or to get rid of evil

Pepper Tree(Pirul)-
Used for limpias and cleansing,mix with ruda ad bathe in for 10 days to remove evil

To increase chance of prophetic dreams,add to Rama dream incense

A love herb, Burn with love incense before having sex

Burn as an incense to cleanse house, also used to remove negativity & attract money

Hang in car to protect from evil or jealous people

Poke Root-
Breaks hexes by brewing it into a teas & adding it to bath water

Poppy Seeds-
Sleep on a pillow stuffed with poppy seeds if you suffer from insomnia

Put in childrens pillows to gain control over them, also put some in bath water to make them mind

Quassia Chips-
Mix with some hair of your beloved, burn & keep ashes in small bottle to preserve the love

Queen of The Meadow-
For good luck ,make into a tea

Queens Delight Root-
Legends say that drinking a tea made from this root will help a woman concieve

Queens Root-
Take a bath in this when you wish to get married

Quina Rojo-
Use only when sex is desired & with extreme caution

Quince Seed-
Used in spells pertaining to protection, love & happiness

Bathe in this herb daily and your man will not want to wander

Rattle Snake Root-
Put in a purple flannel bad for protection from sudden death & accident,
keeps others from doing you wrong

Kept near the bed to ensure faithfulness, good for cleansing & protection as well

Rose Petals-
Known as the love herb, Keep your lovers picture in a bowl of rose petals*

Make into a tea & bathe in it for 7 days to attract love from the opposite sex

Sacred Bark-
Keep in a bowl on your alter or reading table to help you concentrate

Mix with any jinx incense to cause destruction to an enemy,also used by gay men to bring on
exciting sexual encounters by rubbing it on the inside of their knees

Wards off misfortune,used in reversing spells, also used for protection
Sampsons Snake Root- Used to regain male vigor(lost manhood)**

One of the 3 holy incenses,used for love, health & fortune,to grant wishes***

Alledged to prolong life,hinder premature aging, excite passions, improving virility

Should be carried in your purse or wallet near your money, makes it go farther

Saw Palmetto-
Use in a strong tea made of Damiana,Sarsaparilla, muira puama to help men get erections,
Supposedly, this is what the ancient gods use to have sexual encounters

To keep mate faithful,women should sew into his pillow some scullcap and 2 white lodestones in
white flannel

Sea Wrack-
Add to black magic & hex rituals

Secretly have mate bathe in a tea made of this to ensure faithfulness,to get one to notice you+

Slippery Elm-
Excellent in poultices for skin ailments,keeps others from gossiping about you++

Attracts money & clears the mind

Snake root-
Carried as a charm to strengthen ones vitality, also good for court cases

Solomons Seal root-
Carry for protection & success, place on altar to ensure success with all rituals

Southern John The Conqueror-
Carry as a charm to bring luck in love & money matters

Kept in the home as a love charm , burned to protect one from trouble

Used for cleansing

To keep a lover faithful,to secure a relationship bury it in the ground and renew monthly

Squaw Vine-
Bathed in by pregnant women once a week to keep jealousy away from unborn child

Squill Root-
To draw money, place in container, add one dime, quarter & dollar ,say money prayer

Star anise-
To increase power ,place on altar, carried for luck, burn to increase psychic ability

St. Johns Wort-
Protects against all forms of black witchcraft , hang above all windows in home

Although not an herb,it is mixed with many herbs to bring ahrm upon an enemy

Sumbul Root-
A favorite love root, said to attract the opposite sex very quickly, carry on you or burn

A bit placed on shoes is said to keep the law away, can also be bathed in for same purpose

To cause a person to have a toothache, sprinkle on mouth of figure candle & burn at midnight

Bathe in to ensure money at all times,add to jar & keep in home for good luck,use to cleanse magic areas and place in pillows to stop nightmares

Tonka Beans-
A favorite hoodoo good luck charm, to make wishes come true...+++

As a tea,drunk to keep or remove witchcraft that has been given in food or drink

Mix with vervain , dill & St. Johns Wot for most effective defense againt evil doing

Trumpet Weed-
Used to make a man more potent, rubbed on member as a tea while hard

Twitch Grass-
Reverses hexes,causes trouble for enemies if thrown on their doorstep

Unicorn Root-
Carried for protection,used as a love charm,hide in loves belongings for love or hide two tied
together to keep them faithful

Uva Ursi-
Carry to increase your power,burn with psychic incense when meditating

Drink to soothe nerves, sprinkle about to bring peace and end strife

Powder can be burned with love incense to ensure that mate will always think of you

Bathe your children in this to help them learn faster,Burn with sandalwood for jinx removing

Considered a holy herb, bathe in for 7 days to bring money,used for love drawing & jinx

Vetivert(Khus Khus)-
Placed in cash registers for increased business, burnt to overcome evil spells

Used with other attraction herbs like lavender to bath in , helps those ill to heal faster

Virginia Snake Root-
Said to be best good luch charm but very expensive & hard to get

Wahoo Bark-
Also very hard to get,used to remove hexes

Willow Bark-
Burn when you want th aid of Satan

Bathe your children in this to grant them good fortune & luck throughout their lives

Witch Grass-
Bathe in to attract a new lover, wear special witch perfume as well

Good for victory, place in your left shoe before a game so your team will be victorious

Sprinkle on enemies path to cause strife & misfortune to them

Used to overcome fears, place in yellow flannel bag with a piece of parchment paper on which you
have written your fears,carry with you

Yerba Mate-
Said to keep a lover from wandering, put 2 Tablepoons into their food once a day

Yerba Santa-
Used to attain beauty from within,to make ones body more desirable

For jinx removing, Use a new slice of yucca root daily for 7 days and rub all over your body

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