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Wiccan Herb, Oil and Crystal Correspondances - Page 6

*Burn in the bedroom for love or scatter rose petals all over the floor,leave them on the floor during the day and then sweep or vacumn them up at night. Use as a tea for a love and attraction bath. Carry petals in a red flannel bag with a picture of your love to draw them to you.

**Make a Mojo bag containing a magnetic lodestone,a swallow heart & some Sampson Snake root,sew it shut and carry in the pocket nearest your private parts.

***When you want a wish to come true,write your desire on a piece of parchment paper & burn sandalwood on top of it while concentrating on your wish coming true.

+When someone doesnt know you want them, write their name on parchment paper with Doves Blood ink & put Senna leaves & Come To Me oil in a yellow flannel bag and carry it on your person.

++Stuff a yellow helper doll with Tapa Boca powder and write your name and family members names on a slip of paper, insert into doll along with a packet of Slippery Elm. For 3 days say the Tapa Boca prayer or express your wishes for the gossip to stop. Then burn the doll,save the ashes & use them to make the sign of a cross on the bottoms of your shoes.

+++ Carry the beans for 18 days(No more!) On the 18th day they must be left at a church & In 3 days your wish will be granted.


When your receieve a flower from someone they usually have different meanings, the type of flower can convery a meaning. These correspondences aren't fixed. They can also be used in a spell. For example, Aster (single) can be used in a spell to help yourself or someone else (with their permission ofcourse) to think about a problem, or Camilla (White) in a beauty spell.




Acacia: Friendship; Chaste Love; Beauty in retirement

Acacia(pink): Grace

Acacia(rose or white): Elegance; Friendship

Acacia(yellow): Secret love

Achillea: War

Adder’s-tongue: Jealousy

Adonis: Sad memories

Agrimony: Gratitude

Allspice: Compassion

Almond(common): Imprudence; Indiscretion; Perfidy

Almond(flowering): Concealed love; Misplaced devotion; Religious superstition

Althaea or Alcea: I am deeply in love; Consumed by love

Alyssum(sweet): Excellence beyond beauty

Amaranth: Immortality; Pretension; Piety

Amaryllis: Splendid Beauty; Timid; Proud

Ambrosia: Love returned; Your love is reciprocated

Anemone: Expectation; Forsaken; Loneliness; Fading hope; Symbol of Love

Angelica: Inspiration; Magic

Anthriscus(Chervil): Sincerity

Apocynum(common Dogbane): Falsehood; Figment; I doubt you

Apple Blossoms: Hope; Temptation

Arborvitae: I never change; Unchanging friendship

Arborvitae(American): Immortality

Arbutus: Thee Only Do I Love

Artemisia(Wormwood): Absence

Arum(Wake Robin): Ardour

Asclepias: Sorrowful remembrance

Ash: With me you are safe

Aspen: Excess of sensibility; Fear

Asphodel: My regrets follow you to the grave

Aster: Talisman of love; Daintiness

Aster(China): Afterthoughts; Love of variety

Aster(single): I Will Think About It

Astilbe: Love at first sight

Auricula: Wealth is not always happiness

Auricula(scarlet): Pride; You are proud

Azalea: Take Care of Yourself for Me



Baby's Breath: Innocence

Basil: Hate

Bay Leaf: I change but in dying

Bayberry: Discipline; instruction

Beech: Affluence

Begonia: Beware; Warning; Dark thoughts


Bellflower: Gratitude; I wish to speak to you

Bells of Ireland: Good Luck

Betony: Surprise

Bilberry: Treachery

Bittersweet: Truth; Platonic love

Black Locust: Platonic love

Blackthorn: Difficulty

Bluebells: Fidelity; Everlasting Love

Broom: Humility; Neatness

Bryony: Prosperity

Burdock: Importunity

Buttercup: Riches; Childishness

Butterfly-Weed: Let me go; Cure for heartache




Cactus: Endurance

Calla Lily: Magnificent Beauty

Camellia: My destiny is in your hands

Camilla(White) You are Adorable

Camilla(Pink)Longing for You

Camilla(Red) You're a Flame in My Heart

Campanula: Thankfulness

Canterbury Bells: Gratitude; Acknowledgment; Obligation

Cardamom: Paternal error

Cardinal Flower: Distinction

Catchfly: Pretended love; Unchanging friendship

Cattail: Peace, Prosperity

Cedar: I live but for thee; Think of me

Celandine: Joys to come

Centaurea: Delicacy

Cereus (creeping): Modest genius

Cereus (night-blooming): Transient beauty

Cherry Blossom: Spiritual beauty; Good Education

Chestnut Blossom: Do me justice

Chestnut: Affluence

Chickweed :Give an account of yourself

Christmas Rose: Relieve My Anxiety


Cineraria: Always delighted

Cistus: Popular favor

Citron: Natural beauty

Clematis: Intelligence; I Love Your Mind

Clematis(evergreen): Poverty

Clianthus: Self-seeking; Worldliness

Clover (four-leaf):Be mine

Clover (white): Think of me

Cloves: Dignity; Nobility

Columbine: Folly; Inconstancy; Foolishness

Columbine(purple): Resolved to win

Columbine(red): Worried; Trembling

Convolvulus: Uncertainty; Quandary

Convolvulus: (Major)Despondency; Extinguished hopes

Convolvulus: (Minor)Night

Convolvulus: (pink)Worth sustained by affection

Corchorus: Return quickly

Coreopsis: Always cheerful

Coriander: Never judge solely on appearancesc

Cornflower: Delicacy; Refinement

Crabapple Blossom: Irritability

Cranberry: Cure for heartache

Crocus: Cheerfulness

Crocus(spring):Youthful joy & exuberance

Cypress: Despair; Mourning; Without hope

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