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Wiccan Herb, Oil and Crystal Correspondances - Page 7



Daffodil: The sun is always shining when I'm with you

Dahlia: Forever yours

Dahlia (yellow): Distaste

Damask Rose : Brilliant Complexion

Dandelion: Prophet; Love's oracle;Faithfulness

Daphne: Sweets To The Sweet

Darnel: Vice

Datura: Deceitful charms

Dead Leaves: Sadness

Dew-plant: Serenade

Dill: Lust
Diosma: Your simple elegance charms me

Dittany of Crete (white): Passion

Dock: Patience; Endurance

Dog Rose: Pleasure And Pain

Dogbane: Falsehood
Dogwood: Forgetfulness; Love undiminished by




Eglantine: I wound to heal; Poetry; Talent

Elder: Compassion

Elm: Majesty

Eschscholzia: Do not refuse me

Eupatorium: Delay

Evergreen: Indigence

Everlasting: Always remembered

Eyebright: Cheer up




Fennel: Strength; Courage

Fern: Fascination; Magic; Sincerity

Fern (Maidenhair): Secret bond of love; Discretion

Fig: Argument; I keep my secret

Fir: Time

Fleur-de-lis: Message

Flower-of-an-Hour: Delicate beauty

Forget-me-not: True Love forever; Memories; Remembrance

Four-o’clocks: Timidity

Foxglove: You are false

Freesia : Innocence; Trust

Fuchsia: Confiding love

Fuchsia (red): Taste

Furze (gorse): Anger; Love for all occasions




Gardenia: You're lovely; Secret love; Purity

Gentian: You Are Unfair

Gentian (closed): Sweet be thy dreams

Gentian (fringed): I look to heaven

Gilly-Flower: Lasting beauty; Thou art fair

Gladiola: Give me a break

Gladiolus: Love at First Sight

Globe amaranth: Unfading love

Gloxinia: Love at first sight

Goldenrod: Encouragement; you will succeed; Be cautious

Gooseberry: Anticipation; Expectancy

Grape (wild): Charity

Grass: Usefulness; Submission




Handflower: Warning

Harebell : Grief; Submission

Harlequin: Laugh at trouble

Hawkweed: Quick-sighted

Hawthorn: Hope; Expectation

Hazel: Reunion

Heartsease (Johnny-Jump-Up): Pleasant thoughts; Think of me

Heath: Solitude

Heather: Wishes Will Come True; Admiration; Loneliness

Helenium: Tears

Heliotrope: Attachment; Eagerness

Hemlock: You will cause my death

Hemp: Fate

Hibiscus: Delicate beauty

Holly: Good wishes; Am I forgotten?

Hollyhock: Ambition; I seek glory; Aspiration

Honesty: Honesty

Honey-flower: Love sweet and secret

Honeysuckle: Bonds of love; A wedding will follow shortly

Honeysuckle (coral): Fidelity

Honeysuckle(wild): Inconstancy

Horse-chestnut: Luxury

Houstonia: Content ever with thee

Hyacinth : Dedication; Constancy; Playful

Hyacinth (purple): Jealousy; Sorrow; I am sad; Grief

Hyacinth (white): Beauty

Hyacinth (yellow): Jealousy

Hyssop: Cleanliness




Ice-plant: Your looks freeze me

Iris: Faith and Wisdom or Promise in Love;I Have a Message For You

Iris (German): Aflame; I burn adversity Iris (yellow): Sorrow; Passion Ivy: Fidelity; Friendship Ivy with White/Red Flowers: Marry Me?




Jacob's-ladder: Come down

Jasmine: Grace

Jasmine (cape): I am too happy

Jasmine (Carolina): Separation

Jasmine (Indian): Attraction; I attach myself to you

Jasmine (night-blooming):Love's vigil

Jasmine (Spanish): Sensuality

Jasmine (white): I desire a return of my affection

Jasmine (yellow): Grace and elegance

Jonquil: Can you return my love? June Lilies (white): Purity and sweetness Juniper: Safekeeping



Lady's Smock: Ardor

Lady's Thimble: Grief; Submission

Lady's Tresses: Bewitching grace

Larkspur: Ardent attachment; Levity

Larkspur (pink): Fickleness; Flippancy

Laurel: Treachery; Ambition; I will win

Laurel (ground): Perseverance

Laurel (mountain): Ambition; Aspiration

Laurus (Bay): Constant; Unchanging

Lavender: I like you only as a friend

Lemon: Discretion

Lettuce (Iceberg): Cold-heartedness

Lilac: Do You Still Love Me?

Lilac (purple): First love; First emotions of love

Lilac (white): Youthful innocence

Lily-of-the-Valley: Friendship;You Made My Life Complete; Return of Happiness

Live-oak: Liberty

Liverwort: Confidence

Lobelia: Dislike

Locust: Affection beyond the grave

Lotus: Estranged love

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