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Magic Charms In Paganism

Tie the knots in the following order:
1 – 6 – 4 – 7 – 3 – 8 – 5 – 9 – 2
While you tie the knots, say one of the following chants:

By knot of one, this spell's begun
By knot of two, my words are true
By knot of three, it comes to be
By knot of four, power in store
By knot of five, this spell's alive
By knot of six, this spell is fixed
By knot of seven, the answer's given
By knot of eight, I meld with fate
By knot of nine, the thing is mine!

By knot of one
The spell's begun.
By knot of two
It cometh true.
By knot of three
Thus shall it be.
By knot of four
'Tis strengthened more.
By knot of five
So may it thrive.
By knot of six
The spell e fix.
By knot of seven
The Stars of Heaven.
By knot of eight
The hand of fate.
By knot of nine
The thing is mine.



Dolls can be made of wood, cloth, clay or even paper. They should have a basic human shape of either male or female, depending on the sex of the person for whom it is to be used. The doll itself is useless; the effort is combined with an act of ritual.
The doll can be stuffed with batting, tissue, even straw. Other items placed within the doll would be herbs, personal effects (such as a lock of hair) and small gems. Therefore, your knowledge of these items is important. Filling the doll with grave dirt or just plain earth is best.
In cases of real emergency, poppets can be drawn with colored pencil on a plain piece of white paper and the ritual taken from there. In a binding situation, you would roll the doll up and bind it with black thread.
After the doll has been made, wrap it in white cloth until the ritual is performed. During the ritual, you will cleanse and consecrate the doll. It is at this point where the psychic link is begun. To seal this act, you would say:
Though separate you were
Now you are one
The link of union has now begun.
Poppets should not be destroyed. If they have been used with the permission of the person they represent, they should be given to that person for safekeeping. If it is yours, store it in white cloth in your cabinet. If it has been done for a child, give it to the parents or keep it yourself. If it was a doll made for binding, it should be buried. You will learn from researching spells and through trial and error different ways of using poppets.


Making a charm bag is easy. Usually made from silk, for its magic insulating qualities, they contain herbs, oils, symbols and amulets you would like to bring about the desired effect. They can be carried with you can blessed.

Thank you to Lady Galadriel

Herbal amulets, gris gris bags and sachets are small fabric bags filled with herbs and other fillings intended to achieve a particular magical goal. They are popular for protection and attracting positive influences into your life such as love, psychic ability, prosperity and the like.
Amulet bags are constucted with ritual incorporating appropriate correspondences for the magical intent they are being created to achieve.These correspondences include the time and day they are made, the color of the cloth used, and the herbs and other items often including crystals which are enclosed in the amulet. You will need to chose the contents based upon what you want to achieve with the amulet. See the section on Crystal Correspondences for choosing crystals, and see below for the herbs.
Choose the color of the fabric based upon the Color Correspondences section and purchase a 1/4 yard piece of cloth in the appropriate color. If you have a quilting store nearby purchase a "fat quarter" as the fabric will be in a wider strip allowing more choice in the size and shape of the sachets. It's alright to use a print with shades of the correct color or other colors with complimentary meanings. You will need to cut a piece of the fabric to size. If you want to make a drawstring bag for your sachet cut a piece about 2-3 inches wide by 7-10 inches long. This allows for the fabric to be folded in half, meeting the printed or right sides together, with the unprinted or wrong side on the outside. You will also need a piece of cord for the drawstring about 10 inches long. If you want to make a simple sachet, cut a 3 inch square of fabric. Directions for making simple sachets and amulet bags follow. The sewing involved is minimal, you don't need a sewing machine, just a needle and thread.
Directions for Making an Amulet Bag with a Drawstring
Step one: Fold down about 3/4 inch at the top and bottom, cut ends to create the pocket for the drawstring. Stitch straight across at both ends.

Step two: Fold fabric in half with wrong sides on the outside and right sides together.

Step three: Stitch along sides of bag, stopping at the stitching line for the drawstring pocket and allowing about a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Step four: Turn the bag right side out. Using a 10 inch piece of matching rat tail cord, thread the cord through one side of the pocket, turn and come back through the other side. Knot the ends of the cord.

Directions for Making a Simple Sachet
Cut two 3 inch squares, or other shape, out of fabric the correct color for your intent. Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together and aligning the edges. Stitch an outline of the shape allowing a 1/4 inch seam allowance. See diagram. Leave an opening of about 3/4 inch so you can turn and fill the sachet. See diagram. When you finish stitching, turn the sachet right side out.

You may need to use a tool such as a pencil to get the corners sharp. Insert the tool through the opening and poke gently into the corners to turn them completely right side out. Fill the sachet with the chosen filling. Do not overfill, you don't want it tightly stuffed, loosely is best. Align the two unsewn edges where the opening is, folding the seam allowance inside the sachet. Stitch the opening closed. See diagram


Spirit Online: Wicca & Magic: Crafts and Recipes:Dream Pillows
By DJ Conway
Every ordinary person dreams when they sleep. Scientists have discovered that if we do not dream, because of the use of drugs or sleep-deprivation for example, we can become disoriented, distracted, and even nearly schizophrenic during our waking time. Dreaming appears to be essential to a healthy mind.
Dreams are the subconscious mind's way of communicating with the conscious mind. As the subconscious mind uses svmbols instead of words to communicate, dreams are generally symbolic of something. The subconscious mind uses metaphors, sometimes in the wildest possible way, to get our attention.
If the subconscious mind feels that we cannot emotionally endure being shown troubling parts of a problem, it will often symbolically present part of the action but delete the toughest parts. When we accept the first actions we are shown in dreams, then the dream will later expand to include the rest.
Dreams can provide answers. By thinking about a certain thing you want solved just before you go to sleep, you program your subconscious mind to send up solutions.
The images and actions in dreams are tailored to each individual by her/his own subconscious mind. That is why so few dream books are any help at all. By recording your dreams, you will begin to see a pattern in the symbolic images and form your own interpretations. However, there are a few symbols which appear to be universal in interpretation. For example, mud and manure represent money or prosperity.
Making dream pillows for specific purposes is an excellent way to make your subconscious mind work with you on problem-solving, prophecy, etc. Dream pillows will also help when you are troubled by nightmares.
Traditionally, certain herbs and oils are used for specific purposes. The following lists of herbs and oils will help you decide which you want in your personal dream pillow. Do NOT ingest herbs and oils!

Bergamot: (not the mint kind!) soothes the nerves, gives relaxing sleep.
Hyacinth: stops nightmares.
Jasmine: helps increase psychic dreams, lifts depression, quiets the nerves; is calming.
Lavendar: relaxing deep sleep.
Lilac: recalling past lives.
Mimosa: prophetic dreams; getting to the truth; making decisions.

Angelica : prophetic dreams and visions.
Anise: use just a little to repel nightmares.
Bay Laurel: inspiration; repels negativity.
Cedar: helps to repel bad dreams.
Cloves: use just a tiny amount because of the strong odor. Retrieving buried memories.
Hops: restful sleep and healing.
Marjoram: relieves depression.
Mugwort: visions and prophetic dreams.
Mullein: repels bad dreams.
Rosemary: use just a little as it is very strongly scented. Avoid nightmares and headaches.
St. Johns Wort: banishes spirits.

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