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Magical Herbs For Wicca

Valerian: deep rest. Some cats love this herb as much as catnip so keep it out of their reach!
The supplies you will need to create a dream pillow are: a piece of plain or muslin cloth; a piece of fancy cloth or of a material you can decorate; your choice of herbs and oils; an eye-dropper; wooden or glass bowl; wooden spoon. It is never good to mix herbs and oils with or in anything metal!
Before beginning the dream pillow, decide what you will be using it for: to repel bad dreams, strengthen your prophetic abilities, rest and healing, etc. Choose your herbs and oils according to the pillow's use.
To make a dream pillow, cut out two pieces of muslin or plain cloth to hold the herbs. These pieces of muslin should each be 12" by 8". With the wrong sides of the material (if there are any) together, stitch down the 8 inch side to the depth of 3/4"; stitch the same depth across one 12" end and across the other 8" side. Three sides of the fabric should be sew. Turn this little bag inside out so the seams are now on the inside. This is the "inner pillow" in which you will put your herbal mixture.
Using fancier material, or a cloth you can paint or embroider, cut two more pieces of material 12 inches by 8 inches. Stitch them the same as the "inner pillow" except sew only to a depth of 3/8 inch. As with the inner pillow, turn it so the seams are on the inside. If you wish embroider it in any design or decorate it with fabric paints. If you plan to make this cover removable for washing, turn down a small hem on the open end and attach small Velcro disks or snaps to keep it closed.
In a large wooden or glass bowl, mix together the herbs you have chosen with a wooden spoon. This is done gently, rather Iike tossing a salad. With the eye-dropper, add the chosen oils to the herbs. Use no more than a total of 5-6 drops at a time until you reach a strength to your taste. Remember, what smells nice standing over the bowl may well be too strong when you sleep on the pillow, so use restraint.
Fill your "inner pillow" with the herbal mixture. Don't pack it full or it will be uncomfortable to sleep on. Leave it a little flat. Turn in a little of the open end so the raw edges are inside, then sew this end shut. Slide this inside your decorated cover, attach the fasteners, and you are ready for sweet dreams.



Directions for Herbal Sleep Pillow

Purchase 1/2 yard of fabric in light yellow. Cut a piece 12 inches by 18 inches. Fold the fabric in half with the right sides together so that it is 12 inches by 9 inches. Stitch around the edge with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a 2-3 inch opening at one end. See diagram.

Turn pillow right side out and stuff with herb mixture. Do not overfill, it should be soft, not tight. Fold seam allowance into opening and stitch closed. See diagram.


Sometimes, spells go against you, by either you or others, and so have to be dealt with. To deal with them you have to break the power of the spell. This can be achieved by the following spell. Remember, this is just a guide line.
Choose the first Saturday after a Full Moon or the Full Moon itself. Use one white candle and one black candle for balance. Your props should be of a protective nature; therefore you would use amethyst, Apache tears or smokey quartz for gemstones (Clear quartz is fine.) Write a spell to undo what you have done, and be specific.
On the eve of______
I cast a spell and
the effects I created
I must now quell.
May this spell be lifted
and I now be gifted
Most often this method will work but if not, your spell usually has a time limit of it's own so it will eventually stop working. Always keep in mind before working a spell: 'An ye harm none do what thou wilt'.


n making your spells, it helps to write things out in an outline first, and then work your ritual out from there. Here is an outline you can use as a guidelines and even print out and fill in as you go along! Print as many copies as you need. You will probably only need to go through the entire outline for the first few spells. (The extra space is where you can write if you print this.)

Define the goal of the ritual:


Decide when and where you will work your magic, keeping in mind lunar phases and days of the week:


Find or create an appropriate chant for the spell (a simple rhyme will do):


If you will be invoking a god or goddess, decide on which one and write out any special prayers that you will use to call that diety. (For example, if you were calling Hecate, you could simply say "Hecate, Dark Goddess, I call thee!"):


Plan how you will visualize your goal in your mind. Describe it:


Decide on any correspondences, such as herbs, colors, elements, that you want in your ritual. Write these down and decide on how to include them in the ritual. Example: "Water would be appropriate for this ritual, so I will have a bowl of water on my altar". Your correspondences:


With all this written out, you are ready to decide how you will perform the ritual using the information you have gathered. Now, let's start the magic!
At the appropriate time gather together all the items you will need for your spell and go to the place where you will be performing the ritual.
Cast your circle.
Invite whatever dieties you wish to have present. Light incense to invite the God and Goddess into your circle if you wish and say any prayers you want.
Clear your mind and begin visualizing your goal as you planned. You can state your goal out loud if you want to.
Raise energy within yourself as you use your chant, or raise energy without a chant if you would rather.
Light your candles, charge your stones, dance, sing, etc. to focus your attention and raise energy. Here is where you should involve your correspondences in the spell!
When you feel that you have put as much energy into your spell as you possibly can, send the energy out to do your will. Relax, thrust open your arms, do whatever makes you feel that the energy being released.
Finish your spell by stating "So mote it be" or "This is my will, so it shall be". It is a sign of closure and a declaration that you know your magic will be successful.
Close your circle and thank the deities who have been with you.
Ground your energy.
Have your cakes and ale, or cookies and juice if you prefer.
Record your ritual in your Book of Shadows and save any remaining items that you wish in your personal witch's box.
Congratulations! You have completed your working!


Type of Spell or Formula:

Date & Time Made:


Astrological Phase:

Specific Purpose:

List Of Ingredients &/or Supplies Needed:

Specific Location Required:

Date, Time & Astrological Phase When Used:


Deities Invoked During Preparation &/or Use:

Step By Step Instructions For Preparations &/or Use:

Additional Notes:

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