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Talisman to Make you Fleet-Footed

Wear a chain with a bird in flight
on it (made of silver or enameled in white), and your swiftness will
amaze you.


Talisman for Business Success (wiccan)

To help ensure success in
business, have the wiccan hieroglyph, which means "to be powerful"
cast in gold, and wear it on a chain.

African Talisman for Business Success

-a figure of a lion with a
ball grasped in its teeth (have it made in gold)

Talsiman to Make You Smart And Intelligent

molded in gold ( or it may be
engraved on a topaz) it is a sunburst with a coiled snake in the

Talisman to Make a Judge Friendly

on parchment, draw one circle
inside of another. In the ring created between the two circles, write
Heaven protect me and keep me safe from all evil and injustice. On
the inside of the inner circle, write in a circular fashion : Keep me
safe from injustice and ignorance.

Arabian Talisman to Protect You And Keep You Healthy

On a piece of
paper write the following and hang it on a chain:
Turn away evil eye,
Back to my enemy



Talisman to Maintain Hope-
wear, pinned to your clothes, a cluster of
gold olives

Talisman to Keep Away Scandal-
carry with you a little pouch of black
satin in whic you've put a pig's knuckle, a myrtle leaf, a white
feather, a bit of knotted black thread.

Talisman for Sexual Potency-
seek out a man who goes hunting and ask
him to bring you the foot of a hare, if he shoots one. Then have the
foot mounted and wear it on a chain about your waist (next to your
skin). The hare's foot is the protector talisman of sexual potency.

Talisman to Acquire Wealth-
wear a talisman of seven gold rings on a
gold chain

Talisman to Preserve Your Youth-
wear a sarsparilla root on a chain
next to your skin.

Talisman Spell For Employment
You will need a key. This is an important talisman as it symbolizes
a door to be unlocked or locked. Take a small metal key of
traditional key shape and place it on your spell table or altar.
Write the name of the person to receive the job on a piece of paper
and place it under the key. Light a white candle and place behind the
key and paper. Recite these words:
Key, key, you are the power
through the Lady and of the Lady here in me.
And here I say,
give this man/woman (insert name here)
the employment he/she desires.
Open the door for him/her,
open the door of his/her desire.
Let the door be open so he/she may enter
upon that work which satisfies
her/his need and will and
fulfill and bless his/her days.
This is your message
this is your aim.
This is your power
which now begins.
Allow the candle to burn completely down. The key should then be
given to the subject and worn on a chain or yarn or braided thong
underneath the clothing. If the person is honestly seeking
employment, this spell should only take a week or so to manifest.

Sigils - A symbol of a desire, goal, concept or name condensed.
As the sigil is made, energies, desires and goals are transferred into the symbol which will then be held in the mind. This is done to free the spell caster to concentrate more deeply on raising energies rather than focusing on why he/she is casting a spell.
To make a sigil simply write out a name, sentence or concept of intent and try to condense it by illiminating repetitive letters. What you will have left with is what you need to work with and form into a symbol. This further condensing is done by taking the remaining letters and blending letters that look similiar into one, like M and N or I and T or E and F, etc... What you will work out is a personal symbol for the concept or name in your mind. As you work out the sigil the magic is already working because you are investing and focusing your energies into creating this symbol. This symbol can be made from your native language or a magickal alphabet. This symbol can be written down on paper or etched into a tool or candle. It can be drawn upon in your mind while concentrating on a spell. There are many uses for it.

Types of Charms

Objects that hold magical properties that can protect against bad luck, illness, danger and evil.

Near East Shell
In the Near East they might use a shell as an amulet which bears an inscription in Arabic. Usually made from the mother of pearl part of the shell which shows the purity of its color and adds to its magical power to drive away evil.
The inscription is a magical script. The script might ask for good fortune, or in a fisherman's case might ask for a good catch.

Arab Broach
Most arab broaches were made from gold and were usually made in the 19th century. They depicted the sun and the moon and were fringed with sparkling stones - to counteract dark magic.

Indian Necklace
Most Indian necklace Amulets are the meeting of magic and religion, they bear the image of the elephant god, Ganesha.

Ethiopian Necklace
In Ethiopia fertility amulets are worn by the Galla people to ensure the health and successful breeding of their herds - proving the survival of their pagan traditions despite the predominance of the Christian faith.

A cloth amulet pouch would have been worn next to the skin, so the wearer would feel it as he walked and could be constantly reminded of its magical contents.

Happiness Necklace
A happiness necklace amulet from Palestine was blessed by a holy man. Its colorful beads bring good cheer as well as attract good fortune for the wearer.

The pomander is in many cases made out of gold and silver and each part of the pomander was filled with special herbs to protect against the disease known as the Black Death which killed millions in the 14th Century.
Each branch of the pomander is engraved with a herb and in each branch a certain amount of the herb is placed.

Pyramid Pendant
This pendant comes from Asia Minor in the magically potent shape of the pyramid which points to the gods. The color scheme expresses the opposition of light for good and dark for evil (meaning black and white).

Shell Fish Pendant
The Shell Fish pendant was worn by people to protect them against the evil eye whether it be the harmful glance of an enemy or that of a stranger possessed of evil magic.

Amulet Box
The Amulet box was usually made to be elegant and impressive and they would have held talismanic papers with special inscriptions, perhaps from sacred Buddhist texts.

Afterlife Amulet
Most necklaces are made from beads such as turqoise they beared ceramic images of the Gods Thoth and Horus, the goddess Tawaret, and also a lion. These accessories were worn in life as well as buried with their owners for magical protection in the afterlife. The lion represents strength.

Tree of Life
The tree of life designed amulet is magical and originated in the Orient, it shows the extent of Viking trade routes.

Snake Amulet
The snake amulet is usually made from silver. The serpents appear as magical benefactors in many Viking legends and stories from Norse Mythology.

The sandstone is rounded and a hole is placed in the middle. This amulet is a prized one as it helps guard against the spells of evil witches, including curdling the milk.

An astragal or the sheep's ankle bone is used since early times for gambling, but also carried by English fishermen as an amulet against drowning in high seas.

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