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Wiccan Magic Spells And Charms - Page 21

Magical Objects As Charms And Talismans



Objects that possess magical or supernatural power of their own and transmit them to the owner. A device which attracts benefits to the owner.



Some scroll such as those from Ethiopia are inscribed in the Coptic Christian tradition, but usually were worn as talismans in the early tradition of paganism.


Paper Square

The paper square originated in the Middle East and usually bears a talismanic inscription in Arabic. It would have been folded and carried in a triangular pouch at all times.


Helping Hand

Helping hand can be made out of brass it represents the hand of Fatima, daughter of Mohammed. This is the most popular of all talismans.


Wiccan Scroll

Drawn on 14th century wiccan scroll talismanic magic symbol is used to implant power into charms and amulets.


Stone Rubbing

Stone rubbing originated from China depicted a Taoist god, which was used as a talisman. Many Taoist images had a magical purpose - mainly to ensure long life and good fortune.


Prayer Disc

Metal discs bearing the initial letters of the jewish prayer where used for talismanic purposes.


Sorcerous Horns

This type of talisman is an antelope skull from Ghana which might have been worn as a talisman or it might have been preserved, decorated and mounted as a special type of fetish, maybe for use in spell-making. The nature spirit of the animal is believed to bring its own power to the magic.



Lacquer Box
The lid of the lacquer box is designed with the representation of the harmony between heaven and earth, and is dominated by the character shou which means long life. This was considered to be powerful life-prolonging talisman for the bearer.

This type of talisman is a painted stone which is carried to sea in canoes of fishermen to draw in a plentiful amount of fish in their nets. This talisman originated from Murray Island in Torres Strait.

Pentacle or Pentagram
The pentacle or pentagram was made from silver and was usually worn as a pendant or a ring. They were made from silver as it was teh metal of the moon and psychic forces. Sometimes they might be made from gold which is the metal of power and energy.



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