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The Moon is the astronomical body closest to us and, therefore, has
a profound influence upon us, it is very important to choose a time
when the Moon is in an astrological sign which is appropriate for
your working. For example: Aries/Action - Enthusiasm, Taurus/
Renewal - Sensuality, Gemini/Communication - Curiosity, Cancer/
Emotion - Nurturing, Leo/Vitality - Determined, Virgo/Organizing -
Studious, Libra/Balance - Co-operation, Scorpio/Sexual -
Philosophical, Capricorn/Authority - Ambitious, Aquarius/Innovation
- Social, Pisces/Sensitivity - Idealistic.

Bear in mind that magickal workings for gain, increase or bringing
things to you, should be initiated when the Moon is Waxing (from
Dark to Full); when the Moon is Waning (from Full to Dark), it is
time for magickal workings of decrease or sending away.

The highest energy occurs at the Full Moon and, therefore, this is
the most powerful time for magickal workings. The New Moon is the
next most powerful time for Magic.

Whenever possible, follow Nature's natural Energy Currents. There
is a natural time for starting things (a planting time), for
maturing things (a growing time), for reaping things ( a harvest
time) and, of course, a time for rest and planning.



26 Easy Ways to Cast A Magic Spell

A - Always be sure of your intent

B - Be careful of your procedures

C - Calm and quiet is best

D - Do what thou wilt, an it harm none

E - Everyone needs to benefit

F - Find effective ways

G - Go within for many answers

H - Hold onto beliefs but let them grow

I - Increase your understanding

J - Just say NO to dark magic

K - Keep on trying, you'll succeed

L - Love Light and Laughter

M - Magic makes merry meets

N - Nothing is impossible

O - Organise your thoughts

P - Pathways are different for all

Q - Quiet meditation helps

R - Realise your potential

S - Speak the words, sing if you can

T - Timing is everything

U - Understand what you are doing

V - Verify, don't just follow blindly

W - Witchcraft is good, not evil

X - X-rays aren't the only way to see through evil

Y - You are your best friend

Z - Zap all negative thoughts and black magic


Spell casting, in and of itself, is not difficult. Generally, it follows an
easy formula with separate and distinct steps. A spell is a procedure to
follow to reach a desired end. It does not require a great deal of money, a
huge compendium of tools, or exotic ingredients to work. It does require
faith in yourself and a commection with deity.

When describing spells to non-magickal people, a witch will often tell them
that a spell is much like a prayer. You are calling upon divinity to assist
you, as in a prayer, but a spell requires more than just pleading to divinity
to help you out of a jam. In a spell YOU are an active ingredient. Your
faith and your knowledge are as important as understanding there is divinity
out there to call upon.

Many of you have already heard of the Witches' Pyramid, the foundation of our
magickal acts: To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Be Silent. This pyramid is
the underlying structure of any spell formula.

To Know

Before you can cast a spell, you need to know who you are. Ego aside, you
have to come to terms with who you are, how you operate, and why you do the
things you do.

The second thing you must know is precisely what you want. This is not as
easy as it seems. People rarely sit back and consider what they really want
out of life. Part of this is because they are afraid. They fear they may not
get what they want, and they fear that they will fail. These fears stop us
from knowing.

For example, time and time again people I know have spelled for love. They
have not done the ultimate no-no by targeting a specific person, but they do
something just as bad--they don't really know what they ultimately want.
When they get what they spelled for, often they are disappointed, because
there is something attached to that new lover they didn't think of.
Therefore, all spells must be specific.

One of the best ways to begin a working is to write out, in detail, exactly
what you want in one straight line on a piece of paper. Underneath,
phonetically begin to pare each word down. Underneath that line, pare the
words down again. Continue this procedure until only one letter from each
word is left. Interlock the few remaining letters into a sigil. Use this
sigil in whatever magickal application you have chosen to ensure your spell
remains specific.

Strong Will To Cast A Magic Spell

Another stumbling block in spell casting is lack of will, whether it is will
power, belief, or conviction. Will depends on how badly you want to make a
change. Do you believe you are capable of making the change, or do you think
it is only wishful thinking? Are you willing to re-program your mind, your
environment, your relationships, in order to bring about ther change you
desire? Without will, a spell will fizzle. Is your mind fogged with doubt,
or unnecessary problems that will prevent bringing about the change you say
you want?

One of the best techniques for increasing your will power is the use of
meditation on a daily basis. Once you have learned to relax, use the alpha
state to program the events you wish to come to pass. You should work on
both short-term and long-term goals.

Another technique that is useful in spell casting is to write down why you
wish to manifest something. Let this explanation sit on your altar
overnight, then re-read it. Does it make sense? Is this what you really
want? Does your reasoning still appear firm, or is it full of holes?

Are you patient? Patience has a lot to do with will. Once you have a firm
grip on "will," you are a third of the way through on accurate spell casting.

To Dare To Cast A Powerful Magic Spell

To dare means you are not inclined to sit around on your laurels. It means
that you are not choosing to procrastinate, rather you are choosing to move
with purpose. To dare indicates that you are no longer afraid of the
outcome, or fear failure. You are confident that you control your own
destiny to the point where you won't even argue about it, either with someone
else, or yourself.

Although "to dare" doesn't appear to create a lot of work, it does require
you to make an active decision. This is the next catalyst for your magickal
operation. From here, you will plan the appropriate day, hour, moon phase,
astrological energies, and tools required for working magic,including what
divinity you will choose. To dare can lead to a great deal of work and

To Be Silent When Casting A Magic Spell

Even if you are an adept, you should learn to be quiet about your magickal
operations. There is only one exception, which is when you are working with
a group. If the group mind is actively participating on a project they
should be informed of their success or failure.

In the beginning, you should be silent so that you are not affected by
others' opinions. Don't tell them what you are performing magic for, as you
risk failure. Why? Because they can unconsciously affect you with their
disbelief or negativity.

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