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Likewise, once you become proficient at spell casting, don't announce
it--especially to a novice. No real adept will ever tell a novice that "My
spells always work." Not only is it rude, it is also untrue. Everyone
fails. Imagine what a novice would think if they knew you lost your job,your
kids are running rampant, and you are deeply in debt. If your spells always
worked, you would not be in such a fix, would you? Foolish words can ruin
your reputation, which in turn, will ruin your own self-confidence.
Therefore, keep your trap shut--this ensures success in your magickal
operations as well as keeping your reputation intact. No one likes a
braggart, and no one considers an egotistical Witch a good leader or cleric.
When Spell's Fail
Try this chant




Oh God/dess (whoever you worship) I am not worthy of
your perfect grace, nor the magic i find within myself
and within you. I ask now in Just, for i have grown weak
that thou would accompany me in rituals and spells.
Be By my side in this time of need. I do not deserve you
Oh God/dess. but still i ask, for i am only but a mortal
Oh God/dess, Bless me!
Oh God/dess, accompany me!
Oh God/dess, Shine light upon me!
Oh God/dess, grant me wisdom!
Oh God/dess, Gramt me Humility!
Oh God/dess, Stay with me!
Oh God/dess, Protect me from evil!
Oh God/dess, I love thee above all things!
Please Oh ancient ones, hear me!


numbers, colors, and objects meanings

12, green, silver, coins, found money, baby plants, the

Red, yellow, 7, 10, liquid, anything that can be turned
or bent without breaking, clay.

1, 13, white, white flag, dove, items to represent the focus
of the anger, breakable or tearable things, fires that can be

tools of art, goddess image, artistically inspiring items,
yellow, blue ribbon, 5, 7, 10, 12, lunar herbs and foods.

Triangle, hourglass, scales, stilts, balance beam, 2, two of
anything, pentacles, Yin and Yang symbol, mirror images.

red, white, silver, black, 6, 8, soap and water, soil,
items that can be turned inside out or reversed, counterclockwise.

3, 21, pastel colors, classic artwork, mirror, make-up, swan.

hand, anointing oil, 2, warm colors, water and other
elemental symbols, halo, gold light.

pendulum, penny, coins, straws of different lengths, 10,
grey, black, white.

2, 8, 40, agate, chrysolite, soap and wash cloth, bath or
shower, washing machine, sink.

Communication - pink, 2, amethyst, beryl, carnelian, Hematite,
telephone, stationary, pencils, pens, typewriter, computers.

Conscious mind:
warm golden colors, amethyst, coral, books, glasses,
desks, 1.

red, gold, 8, beryl, Hematite, swords, gloves, iron crosses,
purple heart, pens, lions.

6, 13, purple, anything sticky, dog.

silver, stones, malachite, purple, 7, 5, any substance
that can be cleared away (flour, sugar etc.)

yellow, 5, all divinatory tools (Tarot cards, crystal
ball etc.)

garnet, tourmaline, 10, bright colors, any items representing

9, 12, green, globe. Picture of earth, soil, natural things,
rustic things, dried leaves, musk.

tin, 4, 6, 13, first earned dollar bill, position vacant
advertisements, green, orange.

topaz, red, orange, 8, 40, flags, bread, incoming tides,
items that expand and rise.

Fear :
tea, amethyst, sardonx, red, silver.

7, 12, east wind (Eurius), storks, rabbits, pregnant
goddesses, eggs, cheese, agate, coral, jade, green, yellow, knots

moonstone, alexandrite, white, 2, 9, anything to
represent the area of discord.

jade, pink, 12, 2, picture of friends, interlocking

lead, earth color, 1, 3, 12, soil, farms, trees, root,

candles, wind items, ouija boards, personal things of the
person being contacted, sheets, agate, lodestone, turquoise,
(to protect from ghosts = jade, jasper, malachite, pepper, beans)

bullseye, dart board, target, arrows, ladders, steps, 4, red,
orange, brown, daisy, ant, agate, beryl, jade.

4, 8, 9, carnelian, worms, fire, binding items such as
paperclips, staples and clothes pegs.

jet, 1, 21, balms, feathers, tea, cocoa, chocolate.

1, 6, 12, cellar or low rooms, soil, trees, brown

representation of the habit, yeast bread dough (which rises
to better things), soda left to go flat (represents negative energy),
ashes, butterflies, red, green.

pale blue, white, 2, 3, gentle music, objects where several
items come together to form beauty (floral arrangements, fabric),

3, turquoise, amber, coral, bandages, ankh, red cross, red,
blue, green, orange juice, chicken soup.

Heart break:
carnelian, coral, 8, tissues, rose quartz.

agate, feathers, kittens, otters, gag gifts, toys, bright
colors, fool tarot card, clowns.

Identifying (people and objects):
clay balls (uncovering thievery),
tea leaves, flour or dust, beer, 5, yellow, dowsing tools.

yellow, birds, butterflies, winged creatures, clouds,
closet, kites, 3rd eye, inner child.

7, beer, tea, bright colors, green, yellow, light, open
windows, open eye.

lamps, coffee, water, all fluids, mushrooms, eggs, key
holes, silver, yellow, green, 5.

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