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Wiccan Magic Spells And Charms - Page 8


fires, ashes, caterpillar, butterfly, eggs, flower
buds, seeds, food processor, moon phases, phoenix, masks, pepper, 8,
anything that changes.

Unconscious mind:
ink, wax blots, silver, white, moon, water, eyes,

ear or open hand, binoculars, glasses, items that
improve vision, amethyst, keys, light bulbs, candles, sunlight, 40,
5, orange.

rings, flower garlands, contracts, cups, triangle, wax
seals, tied knots, celebratory decorations, cake, agate, 1, 2.

modelling clay, play-dough, rubber band, water,
chameleon, cats, winds, 5, 12, wax, anything which changes.

finishing line, flags, thumbs-up sign, agate, Hematite,
ants, rubber tree, 4, blue, red, gold.

ladders, telescopes, birds, binoculars, glasses, lamps,
5, "which came first, the chicken or the egg".

glove, sword, coat of arms, jade, agate, amethyst, rock
crystal, 9, 13.

Visions (dreams):
pizza and other unusual combinations of food
stuffs, yellow, eye pads, topaz.



water, drums, fires, bird calls, smoke blown in a certain
direction, jasper, knots, elemental colors, weather symbols,
creatures of very specific climates, objects associated through
folklore with specific weather patterns (like red sun = rain).

Web weaving (networks):
spider webs, things that connect, tape,
string, paperclips, chain, baskets, phone lines, chain letters, trees.

sage, 5, owl, agate, amethyst, purple, old people.

wells, coins, candles, bottles, rainbows, 4 leaved clovers,
7, dandelion, feathers, first star in the sky.

Youthful outlook:
falling star, chalk, crayons, toys, garnet,
balloons, jelly, cookies, candy, traditional children's food (eg.
Fairy floss), white, pale yellow, open windows, swings, slides.

cheering, pompoms, young playful animals, red, 6, fire element,

Astral Projection
Color - Yellow, Blue
Herb - Dittany of Crete, Mugwort, Poplar
Stone - Quartz Crystal

Color - Black
Herb - Basil, Yarrow
Stone - Salt

Color - White
Herb - Avocado, Catnip, Flax, Ginsing, Maidenhair, Yerba Santa
Stone - Herkimer Diamond, Jasper, Tigers's Eye

Business Success
Color - Green, Violet
Herb - Benzoin, Bladderwrack, Dock, Vertivert
Stone - Bloodstone

Color - Yellow
Herb - Vervain
Stone - Calcite, Herkimer Diamond

Color - White
Herb - Cactus, Camphor, Coconut, Cucumber, Fleabane, Hawthorne,
Lavender, Pineapple, Sweetpea, Vervain, Witch Hazel
Stone - Jasper

Color - Blue, Red
Herb - Corn
Stone - Geodes

Color - Red
Herb - Borage, Black Cohosh, Columbine, Masterwort, Mullein,
Poke, Ragweed, Sweetpea, Tea, Thyme, Tonka, Wahoo, Yarrow
Stone - Amethyst, Bloodstone, Herkimer Diamond, Tiger's Eye

Color - Black
Herb - Yew
Stone - Fossils

Color - White
Herb - Basil
Stone - Moonstone,

Color - Yellow
Herb - Broom, Camphor, Cherry, Dandelion, Fig, Goldenrod, Ground
Ivy, Hibiscus, Meadowsweet, Orange, Orris, Pomegranite
Stone - Hematite, Moonstone, Tiger's Eye

Color - Yellow
Herb - Mistletoe
Stone - Amethyst

Color - Green
Herb - Devil's Shoestring, Lucky Hand, Pecan
Stone - Tiger's Eye

Color - Black
Herb - Angelica, Arbutus, Asafoetida, Avens, Basil, Beans, Birch,
Boneset, Buckthorn, Clove, Clover, Cumin, Devil's Bit,
Dragon's Blood, Elder, Fern, Fleabane, Frankincense, Fumitory, Grlic,
Heliotrope, Horehound, Horseradish, Juniper, Leek, Liliac,
Mallow, Mint, Mistletoe, Mullein, Myrrh, Nettle, Onion, Peach,
Peony, Pepper Pine, Rosemary, Rue, Sagebrush, Sandalwood, Sloe,
Snapdragon, Tamarisk, Thistle, Witch Grass, Yarrow
Stone - Bloodstone, Jasper

Color - Green
Herb - Agaric, Banana, Bistort, Bodhi, Carrot, Cuckoo-Flower,
Cucumber, Cyclamen, Daffodil, Dock, Fig, Geranium, Grape, Gawthorn,
Hazel, Horsetail, Mandrake, Mistletoe, Mustard, Myrtle, Nuts, Oak,
Olive, Date Palm, Patchouly, Peach, Pine, Pomegranite, Poppy,
Rice, Sunflower, Wheat
Stone - Geodes

Color - Pink
Herb - Chickweed, Chili Pepper, Clover, Cumin, Elder, Licorice,
Magnolia, Nutmeg, Rhubarb, Rye, Scullup, Spikenard, Giant Vetch,
Yerba Mate
Stone - Amethyst, Herkimer Diamonds

Color - Pink
Herb - Lemon, Love Seed, Passion Flower, Sweetpea
Stone - Aventurine

Color - Green
Herb - Angelica, Chamomile, Devil's Shoestring
Stone - Aventurine, Tigers Eye

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